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Cotton Canvas Fun Makes

Hello lovelies,

Today I am back on Minerva blog with another product review. While trying not to be too overwhelmed by the large number of products we were asked to pick from a few months ago, I stumbled upon this lovely clocks Cotton Polyester Canvas Fabric. And I just did not think about it, I just ordered a few metres and left the inspiration to when the fabric arrived.

Canvas is quite a sturdy fabric, not really appropriate for dressmaking. Pillow cases were out as well. So, once I got the fabric and ‘feeling it’ I started getting ideas of what I could use it for. 

My first project was to make a fabric bucket. The fabric is easy to handle and once I cut a square, It was easy using some string and a pen to draw a circle for the bottom of the bucket.

To give my bucket a bit of body, I used some batting, which I quilted it on both the main body of the outside bucket and the bottom. Again the fabric behaved really well (as with most fabrics with cotton fibres).

For a pop of colour I added some blue fabric from my stash as lining. The lining fabric also matches the colour of my feature wall in my sewing room. Although the fabric is stiff, it is not stiff enough and my fabric bag needs to be filled with stuff to look good, when empty it just flops.

Since for this I only used less than half of the length of the fabric I had, I could also make a few fabric boxes for a friend, who recently just bought their first house and going for a black, white and grey theme. This time for the lining I used a grey cotton (again already in my stash) and got a sturdier batting.

And even after these were done, I still have a bit more fabric left. So I ended up making a few Ida clutches using some leftover /scrap fabric from my stash. For some reason, I feel that just black and white is a little boring and a little pop of colour will go a long way. So I used green metal zippers and some matching ribbon for the wrist strap.

To give my bags a bit more body, I interfaced the outer pieces, but not the lining as well. I just like the lining fabric to be soft inside. These little bags come together so fast. I keep making them. They are perfect as presents and you can use scrap fabrics. Better still the pattern is free as well from Kyle and the Machine.

My tips with working with this cotton polyester fabric:

  • this fabric is stiff and has no give in it, so it’s not appropriate for dressmaking. It is perfect for soft-furnishings or bags.

  • If making bags that need a lot more structure, consider using heavy interfacing and batting to give the fabric strength and more body

  • have fun with it.

I’m planing a few more clutches as I have more fabric leftover from all these. Don’t tell my friends, but I have the feeling all of my women friends will end up with one at some point. LOL

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. And please do share your makes on Instagram/Twitter by tagging @MinervaCrafts and/or using the hashtag #MinervaMakes. I love to seeing what you create.

Simona @ Sewing Adventures in the Attick

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