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Cotton Robe

According to Harper’s Bazaar, CR Fashion Book and a vast number of other fashion trend experts the robe is it - completely on trend.
I knew this and was mulling it over in my mind when I received my latest project supplies from Minerva, what to make??? I rummaged through my pattern stash, pattern Look Books, Social Media, etc. and it was my dear, sweet sister-in-law Cheri who made my mind up!! She loved the robe top pattern in my vast number of options available. The what I would make is decided!
But what about the how? Sure I could make the basic style, no added interest or flair - or I could jazz it up, maybe mash-up another pattern with it again???
My final decision was to add flair at the cuffs and bottom hemline. I have already committed to using a contrasting fabric for the sash, but I now feel like that same contrasting fabric could add interest at the cuffs and the bottom hemline....
I am drawn to scallop edges right now, can’t really explain why I’m drawn to them but I am. I use a quilting ruler to outline scallops along the edge of the fabric - making the scallops even and consistent. And usually stitch their edges with a decorative stitch to finish them off.
My final look was pattern 6438, with Minerva’s floral cotton Poplin Fabric and a contrasting fabric.
This floral fabric has so many colors in it, the coordination opportunities are almost endless!! I like the hand of a quality poplin fabric such as this, because it has a strength, a firmness that screams quality, while it’s still a bit soft and feels very lovely to the touch - so I’m assured of its wearability and comfort no matter what design I choose. 
This would pare well with almost anything - jeans, skirt, slacks, shorts, dress, etc. 
As I began my making journey on this project using a multi-size pattern; I first had to trace the pattern pieces onto alternate pattern material/paper because it would be a real shame to cut the original pattern in the package, hence losing all the other size options. 
During this tracing period, I also work with Croquis to plan out my design ideas. Sometimes drawing, sometimes tracing from pattern piece pictures, sometimes laying over the Croquis a cut out of pattern pieces or sections of multiple patterns, until I find the look that I’m content with. I use an online tool called My Body Model, where I maintain measurements for everyone that I sew for and am able to create personal coquis to suit their individual sizing. This way when I test out designs, I have a more realistic feel as to whether the look would compliment their body or not. 
I’ve made my final design choices, nothing extreme just a little cuff and bottom hem flair for interest. I live in a different area from my sister-in-law, but shared a finished picture with her. Her response was “Wow, that’s so pretty!” I think I did alright for her.
What do you think?

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