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Cotton Voile Blouse

"Where did you get this fabric? It’s really beautiful! Online at Minerva. Thank you, I like it too."
This is the first dialog which takes places with each person which saw me sewing or wearing this blouse and I am so happy that I finished it!
The fabric is thin cotton; perhaps it is called Cotton Voile. It is a pleasure to wear it and it does not wrinkle, so this makes it perfect for blouses and for taking it away on holidays or trips.
My first wear of this blouse was at work and I really felt very extravagant. I’m living in Germany and I’m working in an IT company so it is not so important what one wears. But for a dressmaker this is very important.
I wanted a simple pattern for the blouse and while looking through my collection of patterns, which mostly consists of Burda Style Magazines, I could not make up my mind. 
Here comes my tip for choosing a sewing pattern when in doubt: ask a child! The children know better than us grown-ups, and they are sincere and have more imagination.
I did this many times before and always with success. I also recommend letting your children  choose color combinations, then you will be surprised! And if you follow their advice, this will make them stronger, they feel respected, trusted and they can help you even more.
So, I presented the fabric to my son and asked ask him to help me choose a model for it. My requirement was to be a blouse to wear it also in the office.
I gave him 3 magazines and I put the fabric close to him. We looked through the magazines together and he said sometimes “This is not for you, no way!” Or “This would look good on you, but it’s a dress and you want a blouse” or “You are much nicer than this lady, this blouse is not for you”. I had to smile a lot.
He chose very quick a model which in his opinion was like for a princess with dark hair like me. OK…
I asked 2 times if he is sure that these shoulders are not too big but he said that this will make me look like a princess.
What do you think?
The model is from the Burda Style 4/2018 model 111. 
The sleeves are very good engineered and this was something which I enjoyed to cut and to sew. I used tracing paper in order to mark all cutting and folding lines. 
The sewing instructions are pretty clear. I marked the folding lines and secured them, then I sewed them in place. The cuffs are giving even more structure to the sleeves. The pearl buttons are sewn directly on the cuffs, I did not make any buttonholes, because from practical reasons I will not open them every time I put the blouse on.
I had some issues with the front opening. I did as per instructions, sew a bias band on the middle and then cut the fabric. But somehow it was not perfectly in the middle, so I took off that part and so I had a hole. Now I had to finish the raw edges of that hole, so I cut another bias band and I traced the opening nice and round and then I applied the band by machine from the front, turned it to the back side and sew it to the back side by hand. This way it’s nice and clean.
I put the blouse on and I observed that in order for the blouse to stay nice and close to the body I need 3 cm between the openings on the bottom side.
So I cut another bias stripe and attached it to the neckline, but this time to be seen. Again I secured it to the backside with hand stitches, but this is not necessary, you can do it with the sewing machine.
All my bias stripes are 3 cm wide and the seam is 3 cm wide.
I still had a small piece of fabric left and I already cut it into a half circle skirt. It is a mini skirt and it is not finished yet but you certainly can imagine the whole outfit!
How do I feel? Extravagant, maybe a bit too much for a gray office but it’s Summer and hello, people need sunshine and flowers in their lives and me too.
I am happy with this make and I hope you will also create something beautiful from this flowery fabric or from this pattern, which I both highly recommend.
With love and joy,
Claudia @ colorfuldot

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