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Cowl Hack Freya Sweater Dress

I know a lot of sewists have Tilly and the Buttons "Stretch" book. Have you made the patterns yet? I bought the book when it first came out, mainly due to my love for "Love at first stitch". I don't have many sewing books, but when I do, I make an effort to sew up all the patterns to make it worth my money.
When the book came out it was summer in my area of the world. Most of the patterns lean towards fall or winter. I made the Bibi skirt a few months back. Since it's winter in my area, I found it fitting to sew up another pattern from it.
I sewed up the Freya sweater in the dress length. I used the cowl "hack". It's not really a hack as Tiilly generously did all the drafting for us. However, Tilly considers it a hack as it's different from her main design.
The beautiful fabric I was working with is this French Terry Fabric. This is the warmest dress I own. Everything about it is winter comfy. Tilly specifies light to medium weight knits and this is heavy. But you gotta know the rules to break them. This fabric screams sweater. It has enough stretch, so why not? 
The result is the cowl is a bit thicker than intended but it just feels like a scarf on. The cowl is so big, it covers my head if I wanted it to.
I added 1 1/2 inches to the sleeves. I'm so glad I did, I love cozy long sleeves. I do have long arms so this is a common adjustment. The skirt is a bit short for my tastes. I sort of wish I had added on 2 inches. But since this is a winter dress, I'll never wear it without leggings so no big deal.
I made a size 3 bust graded to a 4 at the waist. The only downside to this pattern at the dress length is that it is a bit form fitting so it can show a belly in the front. It makes me a bit self-conscious. But I wore this to work and one of my coworkers said it's her favorite thing I've made. So it must not be that noticable to others.
This fabric would also make fabulous Hudson pants. I almost did that, but I can't resist a good dress. 
Thanks for reading,
Handmade Shelby

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