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Cream, Crepe Summer Dress

I don’t like to admit how much of my time is spent on Instagram (let’s just say it’s the most-used app on my phone). When I’m not looking at cute pets, or lusting over other knitter’s yarn stashes, I’m looking at outfits and clothes inspiration.

Like most of us these days, Instagram has a big impact on what I choose to wear and also what I decide to make. Lately I’ve seen a lot of beautiful summer dresses, the ones I particularly love have been cream, button-down with tortoiseshell buttons, made from a linen, or crepe, with a nice relaxed shape.

Long story short, that’s what I decided to add to my ‘Summer To-Sew List’.

I was lucky enough to test out some of the beautiful Prestige Polyester Crepe Fabric from Minerva, which I immediately knew would work well for this summer dress project. Crepe is one of my favourite fabrics to work with, and this was no exception - in fact it was a dream to work with. It was easy to cut, sew and it drapes wonderfully.

I choose the cream colour which I think will be great for summer (if I can manage not to spill an ice cream down it of course!). Being cream, it is a little see-through, so if you’re creating a garment to be worn on your lower body, you’ll probably need to line it. I already had a little skirt slip that I knew would be fine to wear with this sort of fabric.

I didn’t have a pattern in my stash that would give the button-down, gentle skater shape I was looking for, so I looked for a pattern I could hack. I decided to go for a Leanne Marshall for Simplicity pattern, 1196. It’s one I know fits well on the bodice, with a full skirt, sleeves, and simple in construction. I made a few modifications to get the effect I was going for.

The pattern has a zip in the back of both the skirt and the bodice. Instead I cut the back pieces on the fold and cut two of the front pieces. I created a gentle V on the front pieces and left an extra few centimetres seam allowance. I made a facing for the front pieces to follow the line and reinforce the area I wanted to add button holes.

The pattern asks you to cut three of the skirt pieces, but to make the skirt less full I only cut two pieces and ensured the two sides lined up with the front opening of the bodice. Again, I made a facing for the skirt front. Another pattern modification I made was to increase the width of the sleeve pieces, as they were a little tight on my upper arms.

I already had some tortoiseshell buttons in my stash, and I think they work really well with the fabric. They also give the dress a bit of a vintage feel which I quite like. My husband even said this was the nicest thing I’ve made, so I’m counting it as a win.

I’d definitely work with this fabric again, and I think it would look amazing made up into some gorgeous wide-leg trousers for the summer. It’s the perfect weight for anything needing drape, but also a little weight. If you want to have a look at some of the other things I’ve been making recently, then you can find me over on Instagram at  

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stitching_joanne said:

Great modifications :) · 15th May 2019 03:44pm