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Cream Denim Jacket

Hi everyone, today I'm showing you my second sewing project for the Minerva Blog. Even though I try to stay away from fashion trends nowadays, the current trend of neutrals has lured me in. After all, this trend is not in contradiction with my aim to create a timeless wardrobe and once the trend craze is over neutrals are still an everlasting classic. 
I have to admit that I ordered 2 m of this cream coloured Stretch Slub Denim Fabric without having a clear sewing project in mind. My ideas kept on jumping back and forth from a summer dress to wide leg pants to a casual jacket. In the end, I settled for a denim style jacket as I knew that I would get the most wear out of it. I paired the jacket with some horn imitation buttons from my stash, which match the fabric perfectly and gives it more of an elegant vibe in my opinion.
As I didn't have much time to finish this jacket, I played it safe pattern wise and chose a burdastyle pattern as their size 36 usually fits me without any modifications. Luckily, the fabric was easy to work with and only my obsession with perfection prolonged the sewing process to two weekends but more about that below. After I finished the denim jacket, I noticed that it could be straight from the 70s, which I actually quite like. So I took the clue and styled it in a 70s kind of way for today's photos. 

Pattern: Burdastyle pattern #7018

Level of difficulty: 3 of 5

Size: 36 (my usual size)

  • 1.5 m Slub Stretch Denim Fabric in cream (65% cotton, 32% polyester, 3% spandex)
  • 10 horn imitation buttons from my stash
  • thin interfacing
Modifications: I only made some minor changes as the fit of the denim jacket was perfect right out of the box. A user at mentioned that the collar was quite wide and so I compared it to an existing denim jacket and noticed that the pattern was indeed 1.5 cm wider. So I narrowed the collar by these 1.5 cm and I'm really happy with it now. As I like to roll up my sleeves, I added a slit to the sleeves, which surprisingly the pattern was missing even though it is such a typical detail for classic denim jackets. Unfortunately, I forgot to add an underlap to the slit when cutting the sleeves. I could only fix it with having an underlap solely at the cuff. This is certainly not the neatest solution but it's neither visible when the sleeve is buttoned nor when it is rolled up. So I'm actually really happy that I could fix it in a non-visible way. 
Conclusion: Rarely, do my ideas come to life exactly as I had envisioned them. Fortunately, it is not the case for this denim jacket and I'm in love with the resulting jacket and can see me wearing it quite a lot. My obsession with perfection has actually turned this denim jacket into a lot of work as I sewed the bands, collar and cuff by hand on the inside before topstitching them. But it was really worth all this work as I'm loving the result and the neat finish. I really wish I had more of this stretch slub fabric as it would also make some great wide leg pants. However, 1.5 m of this fabric was enough to create this denim jacket, which leaves me with about 0.5 m to squeeze matching shorts out of. Keep your fingers crossed ;)
I hope you like what I made for my 2nd blog post. I'm already quite sure that this denim jacket will become a beloved staple in my wardrobe and can't wait to wear it with matching shorts for a more summery outfit.
Thank you for reading and to Minerva for this beautiful fabric.
Happy sewing!

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Joyce Mussett said:

A very professional job. · 27th Oct 2019 09:44am

Sue Hobbs said:

Really lovely jacket, suits the trousers, top and bag you are wearing with it. Beautiful sew, looks well worth the extra effort you took. · 27th Oct 2019 09:24am