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Create a Christmas Craft Decoration (for Adults or Children aged 5+)

Materials You Will Need

*Christmas Felt Pack

*empty cotton reel

*wooden downing or kebab stick

*colourful buttons

*gold sparkly ribbon

*gold pre-made bow (if you wish)


*any other decorations you would like to use

Equipment You Will Need

*paper scissors

*pinking shears/zig-zag scissors



*glue gun

This activity is great for both adults and children aged 5+. Please ensure if a child is undertaking this activity that an adult has supervision at all times, especially when using the glue gun and scissors.

How to Make

  1. The first step is to draw a triangle onto a piece of paper and cut this out. This will be your template for the tree.

  1. Fold a piece of the Christmas Felt in half. Then place your triangle template on to the felt and pin or draw around it.

  1. Next cut out the triangles using pinking shears or zig-zag scissors. Once cut you should then have 2 green felt triangles.

  1. Put your two felt triangles to one side for the minute.

  1. Poke your wooden downing/kebab stick through the hole in the cotton reel.

  1. Using some ribbon tie a knot around the middle of the cotton reel. Then you can either tie a bow (like a shoe lace bow) or use a bow that has been pre-made. If you are using a pre-made bow, like us, then glue this on top of the ribbon with the glue gun.

  1. To create the tinsel on the Christmas tree, you need to cut a small line out of the lime green felt using your pinking shears or zig-zag scissors.

  1. Once this is cut, place one end of the lime green felt at the top of the triangle and fold it in on itself at the corner. Repeat this until all of the tree is covered with tinsel.

  1. Position your buttons, star and any other decorations you wish to use on your triangle. When you are happy with where they are, glue them on, making sure you only glue them onto ONE of the triangles with the glitter facing up.

  1. Move the decorated triangle to one side and get your second non-decorated triangle. Lay this triangle glitter side face down on your work surface and then position where you would like the wood and cotton to reel sit.

  1. When you have decided on this, glue a large blob where the top of the wood starts and push this firmly down to make sure it sticks. Let this dry for a minute or so.

  1. Then glue all over the triangle that is laying face down and place your decorated triangle on top FACE UP.

  1. Give this a few minutes to dry and TADAA you have completed your Christmas Craft Decoration!

Perfect as a gift for Christmas or a decoration for the home.

Thanks for reading,

Emma @ pomstitchtassel

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