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Cute Towelling Hoodies for Children

I have been seeing loads of cute towelling hoodies for children in the shops recently. They are intended to be worn on the beach or around the pool to keep children warm and dry between swims. When I saw this Cotton Towelling Fabric I knew I wanted to make hoodies for my children for their summer holiday.
The pattern I decided to use is the Hot Chocolate Hoody from Made by Jack's Mum. This pattern includes a hoody, sweatshirt and cowl neck top and dress for children up to 12 years old, so it's a great value pattern and is really versatile.
I made the dress length hoody for both children with the kangaroo pocket on the front. The longer length means they can pop it on after getting out of the sea or the pool and have warm bodies. I had 2m of fabric and had ample for both hoodies, with some fabric left over. I cut out age 4 and age 2.
This towelling fabric is technically woven and doesn't have much stretch so I sized up on the width. I should have sized up another size really as I don't think these will last into next year. If you are going to use this fabric for a pattern that requires stretch fabric I would be extra generous with the sizing, it can always be made smaller if it is too big!
The fabric is very stable and the pile on the towelling makes it easy to sew as it sticks to itself and doesn't shift around. One thing to note is, as it is a thick fabric your machine may struggle a little with multiple layers of it. Mine is quite a basic machine and managed absolutely fine. I lowered the presser foot tension a little to help, and just guided the fabric through gently.
The pattern has a self lined or contrast lined hood, which I omitted. I didn't want to use a contrast lining as the towelling is so snuggly it would be a shame not to have it on the inside of the hood. I didn't want to self line either as I thought 2 layers of the towelling would be quite heavy. I just cut a single hood out using the pattern marking for the contrast lined version and turned the seam allowance up to hem the edge. It has worked out really well. One nice thing about this pattern is that the hood overlaps at the front, which gives some tolerance and means you don't have to worry about perfectly matching up the front edges of the hood!
The other change I made from the pattern was to omit the hem and sleeve cuffs. I would have needed to use a jersey fabric so that these could stretch, but I actually wanted the sleeve and hem to be looser anyway so that they can be popped on when the children are wet. I just didn't cut these pieces out and did a single fold hem on both the sleeves and the bottom. 
My children love their new hoodies, their favourite thing is the kangaroo pocket!
The fabric is so thick, it makes me feel bad about our bath towels. This would make some very luxurious towels. It comes in other colours and designs so I think I will buy 1m of lots of different ones and make some new bath towels. The Stripy Version is also lovely, I really like the idea of each family member having their own design so we don't end up using each other's towels by mistake! To make a bath towel I would just hem the rectangle of fabric, it would be a very quick, satisfying make!
Jenny x
The Wardrobe Architect

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