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Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 8638

Hello, all my beautiful, wonderful, supportive, sewing community! These past few months have been full of life changes and sewing has been an extreme sense of fulfillment and joy through the difficult patches. It’s really made me come to love and appreciate this community even more. It’s hard for me to think that I didn’t even know it existed a couple of years ago and now I have so many new friends in my life that constantly encourage and inspire me AND I’m writing for Minerva Crafts Blog! (Like what!?). I want to thank each and every unique soul in this community that puts forth the effort to make this world a better place.

That’s enough of the sappy words. Let’s move on to a fun summer project I’ve been working on! I’m not really sure what part of the world you’re in right now but there has been nothing but heat for me this season! I realized my wardrobe was lacking dresses and that I really really wanted some. I wanted something that had beautiful movement and I didn’t have to constantly be fidgeting with. The worst part of dresses in the summer would be having to layer them or making sure they are not moving around on you.

I had been eyeing some tropical dresses online but the fit just seemed like it would become bothersome to wear to work or for long periods of time. I had a shirt/dress pattern in my stash that I had made the shirt version previously. It’s a Cynthia Rowley Simplicity Pattern Number 8638. It’s a beautiful silhouette with lovely drape, so I had been dying to make the dress version. When I noticed this Lady McElroy Stretch Viscose Crepe, I knew that it was a match made in heaven!! I used a full 2 meters of fabric and played a little bit of pattern tetris to squeeze it all on there. (Also, how cute is my cat! This is what it’s really like to try and blog with a cute little kitten.)

The construction of the dress is pretty straightforward and I love that it has a neck-facing. It makes the insides really clean and beautiful. I think the only thing that I might adjust or save for the next time I make it would be to add length to the neckband elastic so that I can wear it on my shoulders. I think that would give it really cute beachy vibe as well.

I love the fullness of the dress. It looks so beautiful in the wind! Because of the volume and heaviness of the fabric it doesn't fly completely up. It breathes so well, that I don’t really even feel like I’m wearing clothes! (It’s funny how this has become a common phrase to explain how comfy a garment is - Ha!)

I cut about two inches of the ruffled hem due to fabric restrictions and I’m really shocked at how long it ended up being. I’m 5’3 to put into reference. I find that I typically want to end length to dresses, so I was pleasantly surprised that shaving off some of the length actually helped!

I really enjoyed this fabric and could not speak highly enough of the quality and vibrancy of the colors. I think it would look fantastic as a cute wrap skirt, a Zadie Jumpsuit, Shelby Dress by True Bias and so many other great options out there right now! Another fine selection from Minerva! Well done!!


Courtney Jean @courtney_jeanshaw

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