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Dede's Bed

Our English Bulldog, Dede, loves to lay on a soft bed. Bulldogs are very low energy. Dede spends probably 23 hours per day dozing or sleeping, so it's important that she have a good bed to relax on. Problem is, she's kind of hard on them! It seems like no matter how much I spend, she ends up scratching a hole in the bed eventually and I am back to the store to shell out more $$ on a bed that she will shortly wear through AGAIN. I'm so over it!

This time around, I got smart and decided to make my own pet bed. One of the things I dislike about beds with a cushion is that they are hard or impossible to wash. Instead of using a cushion, I found a comforter at the thrift store $4 and got to work.

I wanted the pet bed to fit inside Dede's kennel. I folded the comforter so that it was the loft/thickness I wanted and trimmed the edges until it was the size I needed. Since the comforter has a layer of batting (not feathers) underneath it was fairly mess-free cutting into it. I finished the edges with a simple 4 thread overlock stitch. (Never mind the mis-matched thread - this blanket will not be visible!)

Then it was time to construct the cover! I used the blue geometric Canvas Fabric and a long navy zipper from a 'Make a Zipper' Roll. I love this product because I don't have to decide how long my zipper needs to be until I cut out. I didn't use the whole thing so I have some zipper length and extra pulls leftover for another project. This zipper is also fairly heavy duty so it's good for this project.

I didn't use a pattern for this project because I had something specific in mind and didn't want to spend a lot of time looking for the right pattern. I used the dimensions of Dede's kennel for the top and bottom rectangles. A strip of fabric was used for the sides and I just kind of winged the length. I copied the shape of her current bed and added a lapped zipper as an opening. The only lapped zippers I'm used to installing are for denim/jeans so I was a little nervous but I think I did okay. I didn't realize until after, a lapped zipper doesn't really make sense for this application - it works better for a stiffer bed with a cushion. Oh well!

Before long I had the shell constructed and I put the blanket (or stuffing) inside and Dede had a new pet bed! She looks a bit unsettled in this picture (she doesn't like new places and this bed is in a different spot to maximize indoor lighting) but she actually loves her new bed.

This bed is great because Dede can use it inside or outside of the kennel. When it's time for a wash I can pop the cover and the 'stuffing' inside the washer for a truly clean result.

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie @ The Petite Sewist

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