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Dita Wrap Dress by Wear Lemonade

Hello everyone! My name is Argyro and I'm soo happy to share with you my first Minerva Crafts guest blog post. I really enjoy making things, anything creative actually, but mostly sewing. You can find me on Instagram where I like to share my makes and on my blog "Happy Sewing Blog" which is full of sewing inspiration, sewing pattern reviews and my sewing-related thoughts, tips, hacks, and lessons learned. I plan to accomplish my goal of a handmade style by building a handmade wardrobe full of clothes that I truly love and wear daily.
Making the gorgeous Dita Dress by Wear Lemonade (WL) was a dream of mine for such a long time! The feminine style of the dress and its French vibe made me want to try it as soon as it was released. The thing is that I was waiting for the perfect fabric for it which thankfully I found on Minerva Crafts!
Dita is a wrap dress with a loose-fitting bodice and kimono/batwing sleeves. You are able to wear it with the wrap at the front or at the back! Isn't that cool!? The dress is fastening around the waist with long ties. Finally, the hem of the skirt is just above the knee. Read the full pattern description here
That was the second time I used WL pattern. My first one was the Mona jacket which I adore. If you are not familiar with Wear Lemonade patterns let me share a few things with you. These patterns come in two formats; Printed or pdf. Pdf patterns come along with a 3month/6month or 1year subscription. Here is the most important thing: when you purchase a subscription you have access to every single Wear Lemonade pattern in the store! You can actually download all of them if you like! How ahhmazing!?? Read more about the "Netflix de la couture" (pdf subscription) by Wear Lemonade on my blog.
I was looking for the right fabric for this project for such a long time. I came across to this beautiful Fabric from Minerva Crafts. It is a John Kaldor crepe floral fabric in coral and purple. I would love to share how beautiful and drapey this fabric is. That was the first thing I noticed when I got it in my hands. Soo dreamy. I really enjoyed working with it as it feels like cutting butter when you cut it. Also, even if it is a crepe fabric, it does not fray as much as other crepe fabric that I have used in the past.
The Dita dress pattern asks for 3,30 meters of a 1,50 meters only wide fabric. I decided that 3 meters were enough and I can squeeze all those pattern pieces in so that is what I asked from Vicki (from Minerva crafts). Guys, if you ask me I will now tell you to go for more meters than 3 in order to avoid a headache unless you want to challenge yourself! Haha! Order more meters especially if the fabric has one-way design/print.
The pdf pattern has 51 pages but you shouldn't be scared of it even if it actually looks huge! I taped the pages together and traced it quickly. I always like to trace my patterns whether they are printed patterns or pdf. That way, I don't damage them and I can keep them nice and beautiful in my collection. 
I chose size 38 for the bust which I graded to size 40 for the waist and the hips. I sew the entire garment using my trusty walking foot that I love. It is a really handy little tool that provides stability for your sewing. It works great not only with any slippery fabric such as crepe, rayon, viscose, satin and etc but it also does wonders while working with knit fabrics. If you don't have one, go buy it! You will not regret it! 
The dress comes together quickly as the patterns do not have anything complicated on its construction. The instructions of the pattern are in two languages; French and English, and they are clear. They are written in step-by-step phases along with a detailed photo in each step. Another great thing of Wear Lemonade patterns is that there is one video on YouTube for each pattern of their collection where Lisa (the owner of the shop) explains with a sew-along every pattern. The videos are in French, but trust me they are easy to follow and understand. Here is the video sew-along of the Dita dress.
The bodice of the dress is faced with a self-fabric across the front opening. One of the long ties comes through an opening that you create on one of the sides of the bodice. That helps you to tie the longs ties around the waist and secure the dress. I created mine on my right side.
When I cut the pockets, I realized that they were quite small. First, I thought that there is lack of seam allowances at the pocket pattern which I had to add and that causes the small size of them. However, I read the pattern instructions twice but nowhere is written that I need to add s.a. to them. Maybe it is just me, but I just found them small. Anyway, I decided against the pockets not only because of the size of them but also in order to avoid adding weight to my dress. I love how beautifully the skirt of the dress flows without the pockets.
Finally, I hem the skirt of the dress using hemming web and that made that process easier!
Final Thoughts
I'm so so in love with my new dress! It fits nicely and how it is supposed to fit and it is totally adorable! Not to mention how beautifully the fabric hangs on the body! 
The fabric was provided to me for free from Minerva Crafts (thank you a lot) for reviewing purposes.
If you enjoyed what you read and you love sewing as much as I do, I would be soo pleased if you join my sewing journey!
Sewing Summary
Sewing Pattern: Dita dress by Wear Lemonade
Size: Bust size 38 graded to size 40 for waist and hips
Size: John Kaldor crepe floral fabric in coral and purple from Minerva Crafts. It is on sale now for just £11.99.
Alterations: I didn't do the pockets.
Total Cost: The fabric was provided to me by Minerva Crafts for reviewing purposes. I used the pattern from my WL subscription and I just bought the threads.
Make Another One: I would love to make another one using viscose fabric this time. That will be great for summer!
Until next time,
Happy sewing!!

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