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Dotty for Viscose

Before I start a new sewing project I ask myself a few simple questions.
1. What does this add to my wardrobe that I don’t already have?
2. Will it go with other garments I own?
3. Does it suit my lifestyle?
I find this is a good way to stop myself veering into dangerous territory where I have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. I’d been wanting to make something with viscose for a little while when this tiny spotted Viscose Fabric made its way into my life. I don’t use a lot of drapey fabrics and I was keen to give something new a try. I could see the lovely drape of the viscose pairing beautifully with my boxy linen tops, perfect for the spring weather. But I wanted more than just a skirt, I had 3m and a wedding coming up, so I was looking for an outfit. I decided on co-ord cropped top and high waisted skirt. Both pieces could be seamlessly integrated into my wardrobe of cropped tops and high wasted skirts but also worn together as a matchy-matchy outfit.
As well as wonderful drape, the fabric had a wee bit of stretch and proved to be a challenge for someone used to working with more structured fabric. I was careful to make sure it didn’t stretch out or move as I cut out the pattern pieces so there would be no distortion. But it sewed up well and treating it with a bit of care seemed to work. 
The two patterns I used were the Named Clothing Inari Tee, a beautiful little pattern that I’ve made once before and the Ready to Sew Justine skirt, a free pattern. I think the Inari Tee is the perfect length of crop to go with a high waisted skirt, giving full belly coverage but still giving the impression of a nipped in waist. I sized down to a 10 because I wanted a neater fit and I knew the slightly stretchy fabric would be more forgiving. The Justine Skirt has these wonderful deep pockets sewn into the seam that should make any pocket enthusiast happy. I made the size 40 according to my measurements.
Both patterns were nice, easy projects, with fantastic instructions. Ready to Sew always include an optional playlist at the start of their digital instruction booklet (a link that takes you to a youtube playlist), a lovely touch! I did have a couple of minor issues in construction. I always feel like waistbands are going to be too tight on me, so I never fit them properly. Once the skirt was done, I realised that the waistband was 5cm too big and dropping off my natural waist. I went back, armed with my seam ripper, and reduced it by 2.5cm on either side (faffy, but not impossible as Justine is a gathered skirt) and it fits snuggly now. I really need to concentrate a bit more when fitting to stop this being a recurring issue! The Inari Tee was an easy sew until I got to the facing and found the front far too short. I simply re-cut it and the second one fit perfectly. When I was cutting the pattern out the first time the shiftiness of the viscose must have got the better of me. Lessons learnt: concentrate and double check your work.
To finish off my swishy skirt I added nine buttons, bought at a local charity shop for 50p. A sewing bargain. They’re faux mother of pearl and I think they give the skirt the added bling that it needs. 
What I love about this outfit and the reason it works for my wardrobe is that I can be dressed up or down. I love a skirt with trainers for a day out exploring, meandering around the city checking out bakeries, flea markets and walking in the park. But when I put on my trusty clogs, suddenly I’m ready to sashay into my cousins wedding. A flash of red lipstick to elevate the look, and I’m good to go! 
Thanks for reading,
Hannah @heritageninja

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