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Down, Set, Hut!

Fall means football for our house. Well, truth be told, summer also means football.  Actually this year spring also meant football come to think of it. For a game I still don't understand the rules of yet, (and sort of doubt I ever will - there's so many rules!), I spend a whole lot of time on the sidelines of a football field, whether it be sitting through spring training camps or regular practices that run from the beginning of July to the end of October or cheering our "Cruncher" and "Atom" teams on during games. May I just mention that football stops for nothing short of lightening. So whether it's +36C with a humidex making it closer to +40C, raining cats and dogs or below zero and snowing we're still out there. (Now, I do realize I really shouldn't complain loudly.  After all, I'm not the one trying to slog it out on the field in those conditions. I can't imagine how awful it must be sometimes to be a player in less than ideal weather.)  I'm not quite sure how it happened, given I've always been much happier sitting at my sewing machine, or curled up with my knitting or a good book than playing sports, but I've found that I'm suddenly immersed in sports with my two youngest kiddos. WHY? HOW?  I have so many questions... LOL

Inspiration immediately hit when I saw the fabulous Lady McElroy Ponte Fabric in marl grey. I wanted to make a traditional style hoodie for keeping cozy on the sidelines and like all Lady McElroy fabrics I've had the luxury of using, this one is just as soft and beautiful as I assumed it would be. I wasn't sure how the poly/viscose/spandex blend would handle it, but I thought it would be really fun to use my Silhouette Cameo 3 cutting machine and some heat transfer vinyl to really kick things up to show my team spirit. After doing a little test with a scrap of vinyl and a scrap of fabric I knew the Ponte would be perfect for creating my one of a kind "Football Mom" hoodie.

I used the teal, black and silver colours of our club and used a design I had purchased last year from the Silhouette Design Store for my hoodie.  've never done a design with so many different components or layers so I was pretty nervous! I got it all cut out and weeded first and then cut out my pattern pieces so that I could iron my bits and bobs of vinyl on the flat front piece before stitching everything up. 

For my pattern I chose to make a Brunswick Hoodie from Hey June Handmade. I've made a few Halifax Hoodies before so knew I liked the Hey June patterns and I've had the Brunswick in my pattern stash since it was released, so it seemed a great time to put it to use.  

Now. Two quick points of interest here: 1) I am a complete dolt and got so excited about ironing on my HTV that I completely forgot to add length to my pattern before cutting it out. WHAT ON EARTH WAS I THINKING?????  I add length to everything I sew. I have a ridiculously long torso compared to just about every single pattern ever created. It is a mistake I don't usually make and because of that my hoodie feels a bit short for my usual tastes.   And point 2) to say this hoodie is oversized is an understatement. I went down a size from what my measurements called for and could easily have gone down yet another size. I do feel a bit like I'm swimming in my hoodie. (Although I guess that just means I can add more layers of warmth underneath, so not a terrible thing I suppose.)

Let's talk about this hood for just a moment too. This is one heck of a hood! I feel that for me it'll be actually more decorative than functional most of the time with its extra large proportions. However, I can imagine that when it's really cold and I want to wear a toque for a base layer of warmth, I'll be quite happy to have the extra roomy hood at my disposal to fit over top. 

I feel like I’m coming across as complaining… I hope not!  Despite the sizing issues (which really aren’t a big deal, and certainly not enough to keep me from wearing this), I am very happy with how it turned out. The fabric is amazing, I love how the vinyl decal turned out and I know that this hoodie will be one I reach for season after season.  GO RAIDERS!!!!!  

Thanks for reading!

Sarah @ Prairie Girl Knits

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