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Dress Hack of the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes

During the Easter holidays I came across an Instagram callout to apply to become a Minerva Maker. After being promptly sent more information I applied and was so excited to be approved, and to have a vast selection of gorgeous fabric to choose from! After some consideration I went for this beautiful bright blue slinky Jersey Fabric. I don’t know about you, but I can never resist a floral, particularly on a dark background. As the design of this fabric was such a beautiful apple blossom type of flower I had an idea it might just be perfect for spring. 

When I selected the fabric I had a couple of indie patterns in mind which I had recently got back from the copy shop. I had ordered 2 metres and it’s a generous width of just under 60 inches so I had plenty of options. When the fabric arrived I realised it had a really lovely drape so I spent some time considering how best to showcase this whilst filling a gap in my me-made wardrobe. After toying with the idea of making a midi or long skirt, I settled on the dress hack of the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes. I previously used the tutorial on Tilly’s blog and made a long sleeved version for winter and have worn it loads and I knew the lightweight stretch fabric would work well for the flattering neckline as well as the gathers on the skirt. 

I cut out a size 4 and, as suggested by Tilly, simply halved the width of the fabric to create two rectangles for the skirt. I sewed the seams on my overlocker and the fabric went through it beautifully. I used my regular sewing machine to zig-zag topstitch the neckline and also for the hem and sleeves. Again, the fabric behaved impeccably and, other than unpicking and re-stitching the neckline due to it being untidy after my first attempt, the dress came together quickly and easily. I tried it on and then chopped seven inches off the length as I prefer dresses and skirts to be above my knee. In hindsight I wish I had left a couple of those inches on but as I am likely to wear the dress with tights for much of the year it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I didn’t press this fabric as I sewed it up, instead I used pins and was pleased to find the fabric didn’t object: no tiny holes are visible. The fabric handles beautifully and I adore the colours in this print, amidst many florals available at the moment I have yet to see something similar elsewhere, particularly at such a reasonable price. 

I took a trip to the woodland bluebells to get photos and I love how the flowers and the new leaves on the trees really bring out the colours of my dress. It wasn’t a warm day but I braved bare legs nonetheless, however I know I will get lots of wear from this make teamed with tights and a cardigan. I am also already planning my next Agnes hack, I think it’s super flattering and I can’t wait to wear my blossom dress over spring and summer. 

Thanks for reading,

Camilla @ccmercer

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