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Embossed Fleece Sweater Jacket

Hello! I'm so excited to be back again on the Minerva blog to show you my latest creation using Minerva fabric!

In case you are new to following me (you can find me on Instagram @heidi_handmadefrenzy, or on my blog Handmade Frenzy), I'll fill you in on a little tidbit about me. One of my favorite sources of sewing inspiration comes from fashion bloggers I follow. In fact, my friend Tori and I created a hashtag all about it! We call it #sewrtwstyle.

The gist of it is that we like to take a garment found in RTW (Ready To Wear) and recreate it with our own spin!

As soon as I saw this amazing Embossed Super Soft Fleece Fabric, I knew that it would be perfect to recreate a style of sweater jacket I fell in love with during the last cold weather season. Over the summer I had sort of forgotten about it, but I'm so glad this fabric passed by my radar so I could make my own version!!

I'm totally smitten with it, in case you can't tell! This jacket is so perfect for our warmer fall weather we have, but is also cozy enough to wear as a cardigan that I can layer with other pieces through the whole winter.

Once I had the fabric sourced, I went on the hunt for the pattern! I settled on Simplicity 8811, and made a few changes to the design to get the look I was going for.

I have the entire process saved in my Instagram Stories Highlights if you fancy a watch!

I'll give you a run-through of the changes I made to the pattern;

  • Stayed true-to-size according to the size chart on the pattern since my fabric does not have a lot of stretch.

  • Reduced the height of the shawl collar by half.

  • To accommodate the print of the fleece, I pieced the shawl collar to the front so that it has the appearance of being folded over, but allows the print to still show.

  • Sewed View B, with View C sleeves, but cropped the sleeves down to View B length.

  • Cut off the hem allowance and finished with bias binding.

I also added four 1/2" pleats to each side of the sweater jacket hem to create a bit of a cocoon shape. I LOVE this detail and am so happy with how it turned out! The pleats on the front panel of the jacket are sewn to be a finished height of 2", and the back pleats are a finished height of 2 1/2".

I also chose to finish off the sleeve hems with bias binding and I plan to wear it cuffed all the time.

The shawl collar detail is also finished off with bias binding. I used double gauze bias binding in a complimentary, but not quite matching color. I love that small bit of added interest so much! 

I feel like all of these small details come together and help it look like a chic stylish jacket that I'm excited to wear, and removes the "bathrobe look" possibility. ;)

The design on this fabric is just so stunning! It is available in three colors, but even though I am a mom to three active kiddos, shades of white remain my favorite thing to wear! Lol. So far, they haven't ruined any white clothes for me, and if I'm honest, I'm as much of the problem in getting stains on them as they are! ;)

Bleach and stain removers are miraculous, I tell you.

As with any fleece, this fabric was definitely shedding through the sewing process. Just keep that vacuum handy! The end result is just so worth it, in my opinion. It's like wearing a cozy warm blanket, but without being too bulky and thick.

I pre-washed and dried this fabric and it held up beautifully. If you are a rotary blade user like me, I recommend a larger blade versus a smaller one because of the loft of the fabric. With both shears and rotary cutters, you will want to pause and wipe the blades clear of fuzz occasionally during the cutting process.

Another thing to keep in mind when cutting the fabric is to make sure the nap is going in the direction you want! I find myself petting my sweater when it's on my body. ;)

Sewing this fabric went very smoothly. I used my regular machine with a straight stitch for assembling, and my serger to finish off the seams.

And there you have it! My very favorite sweater jacket that I will be wearing non-stop this fall/winter and probably into spring!

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