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Embroidered Denim Dress


I’m back on Minerva blog with a project in this lovely Embroidered Denim Fabric.  How could someone say no to these cute embroidered flowers? I could not do so, even though I am not a big fan of flowery fabric. The fabric has more drape than I expected and is lighter than what you expect denim to be. It’s closer to chambray than it is to denim.

Since I had enough to make a dress, I chose the Simplicity K8384 Pattern, which I had in my stash for a while having bought it with a sewing magazine. You can buy it from Minerva’s shop here. I made a combination of view B (main body of the dress) and D  (sleeves). For the pockets I used some scrap cotton because I did not want for stuff to be put in them to catch into the embroidery. For the facings I played around with placing the paper pattern on the fabric to cut it without any flowers on it.

After I washed the fabric, I marked the notches present on the paper pattern onto the fabric, I used a combination of carbon paper, chalk and thread. The carbon paper and chalk always go on the wrong side of the fabric, just in case they do not wash out of my fabric later. But, if I need any markings on the right side of the fabric, I use thread (basting stitches) – mostly to mark the centre front that is fastened with buttons.

Like most cotton fabrics, this one was super easy to handle. The only issues that one might have is when sewing the seams over the embroidered flowers as the seams will be thicker in that area. As the fabric frays a little, I finished the seams after sewing them.


It was easy for me to pre press the hems in place before sewing them, as the fabric presses well and not many pins were needed. I only used them to keep the corners closed.

The dress is a pull on dress. This means it came together really fast. In no time I was wearing it. I was not sure how the asymmetric skirt will look on me. But, I was surprised that it does not look too bad, even on shorty me.

The fabric is not only a dream to sew with, but it feels really soft against the skin as well. 

Below are a few of my tips for working with cotton poplin fabric:

•      Wash your fabric before you start your project, especially if it is a garment you are making to minimise any shrinking. I didn’t with my fabric, but my dress would not be affected if it shrinks in the wash.

•      If you used facings in your project, consider cutting those from areas where there is no embroidery on the fabric, because the fabric gets uneven and might cause issues when sewing an uneven seam.

•      Consider finishing the seam allowances, the fabric frays.

•      The fabric is lightweight and suitable for shirts, tops, dresses and skirts

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. And please, do share your makes on Instagram/Twitter by tagging @Minervadotcom and/or using the hashtag #MinervaMakes. I love to seeing what you create.

Simona @ Sewing Adventures in the Attick

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Meg An said:

Really like the pattern. The material does say medium weight though so perhaps site needs updating as a bit confusing. · 12th Mar 2020 05:09am