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Embroidered Linen Fringe Dress

I’m so excited to share my second make as a Minerva Maker! I had the pleasure of sewing with this lovely Embroidered Linen Viscose Fabric, and I made a Chalk & Notch Fringe Dress. The Fringe Blouse & Dress pattern is one of my tried and true patterns. I have already made a blouse with this pattern, so I was happy to find a fabric to make the dress version! I opted to make View A of the Fringe Dress, which features a button up front and tie waist, without the sleeve tab. I can also see this fabric going well with View B, which is a notched front. However, all the options are totally interchangeable and I can see this fabric making a great dress or blouse in either version!

I think that this embroidered linen fabric is very versatile. The floral embroidery dresses up the fabric a bit while the linen/viscose blend keeps it casual. It’s the perfect option when you want a piece that can be worn in different contexts. So far I have worn this dress while taking a stroll around town and also while at work. I work in aerospace and the culture is fairly casual as far as dress code goes. However, I do still like to dress up a bit when I’m at work! This dress works great with a pair of black pumps without looking too dressed up, and I can see it transitioning well from a long day at the office to date night or happy hour.

As far as sewing with the fabric, I always love sewing with a linen blend. It’s such a stable fabric, which makes it really easy to work with and doesn’t slip around when sewing. I tend to like lighter weight fabrics for dresses, but I find that this fabric still has a really nice drape to it. I also want to mention that I rarely wear black in the summer. Thankfully this fabric is very breathable. Because the fabric is a linen/viscose blend, it makes wearing black much more bearable!

With that said, I think that this dress will transition well into the fall. The floral embroidery on the fabric is very subtle, which makes wearing florals in the fall pretty simple! I tend to stay away from bright and bold florals in the fall, but I feel like this fabric can be worn across all the seasons due to the monochromatic nature of the black-on-black embroidery on the fabric. I can’t wait to pair this dress with my dark brown riding boots and a chunky scarf!

Overall, I’m so happy with how this dress turned out! It’s a super versatile dress, thanks to the subtle floral embroidery paired with a linen fabric. I look forward to creating more garments with embroidered linen and can’t wait to see what you make with this amazing fabric!

Happy Sewing,


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