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Emerald Ginger Jeans by Naomi

Hi again, It’s Naomi from Naomi Sews. I know I am a bit late to the party with these Ginger Jeans, but now I’ve given it a try I am well and truly converted. I already had these in my August plans, when I was given the opportunity to try out this Stretch Denim Fabric and it seemed like a good match for my first foray into jeans making.

So onto the fabric. I was a little surprised when it arrived that the colour was quite a bit darker than in the website image, more forest green than jade, but it will be a good colour for autumn. It has a really good stretch and recovery and feels firm, but not too thick. I did use Minerva’s thread matching service and the colour was a great match, so if you are interested in a true colour image, use the one from Gutterman thread 402.

In February, Closet Case Patterns released a ‘Sew your dream jeans’ video workshop which just shows how long this project has been waiting in the wings for me. While I am a pretty confident seamstress, the thought of sewing and fitting jeans was a bit intimidating so I’m glad I opted for the extra help of the video class to get me started. Surprisingly, there actually weren’t really any parts that I found difficult, except getting my machine to accept stitching through multiple layers of denim in topstitching thread, and the frustration of having to constantly switch between thread for construction and topstitching. I used Gutermann Top Stitch Button Twist thread in an off-white (number 111) and needed a little over one 30m spool.

I chose various notions and threads from Minerva too. I already have Prym Vario Pliers, but I decided to buy rivets and a jeans button complete with the attachments for my pliers which made the hardware a breeze.  My white zip looks cute, but I think this is one of the things I would do differently next time - the zip pull is a little bulky and distorts the fly front slightly.

These feel like proper jeans! They have topstitching a-plenty, belt-loops, pockets and rivets. I did tweak the pattern very slightly to fit, taking 2” out of the length, changing the crotch length a little, and making the waistband more curved so it sat close to my slight swayback.  I think each pair that I make the fit will improve slightly.

While I know that these jeans are by no means perfect, I’m not going to point out their flaws to you. They are probably the best fitting jeans that I have ever owned, they make me look and feel great and I am super proud of myself. If you are wondering if you have the skills to sew your own jeans, then I would say just go for it. See it as a learning experience, enjoy the process and you might just end up deciding that you never need to go jeans shopping again!

Now I have got over the hurdle and made my first jeans, I am very tempted to order some of the lovely coral colourway in this Dressmaking Fabric too to make a second pair. This green pair have stood up well to wearing, and I haven’t noticed them stretching out in wear, so I’m confident that another pair could be awesome!

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