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Everyday Dress in Lavender Linen

Hi Friends, Megan from The Green Violet here, I am so excited to be making my first post on the Minerva blog. 

For my first fabric, I chose this beautiful Lady McElroy Linen Fabric in Lavender. I am on a huge linen kick this summer, but I hadn’t tried a pure linen yet, I have mostly been working with rayon blends. I was interested to see if this was any different.

I was more than pleasantly surprised with this fabric! It has a much finer weave than what I have worked with in the past, and even though it doesn’t have any rayon content, it still drapes beautifully. I love that it uses both white and lavender color threads, it results in a nice texture and depth of color. Plus, it’s not at all scratchy like some other linen fabrics I have worked with.

To pre-treat this linen, I washed and dried it on hot before I started working with it. This helps get the shrinkage out of the way and supposedly helps to minimize wrinkles. After completing the project, I will wash it on cold and hang it to dry like I do with all of my me made clothing.

As soon as I saw this linen, I knew I wanted to try the new “Everyday Dress” pattern from In the Folds for Peppermint Magazine. Peppermint Magazine Sewing School is a fabulous resource for free patterns, with a new pattern published every month or so in a great size range from a 30” (76cm) to 51.5” (126cm) bust and a 33” (84 cm) to 54.5 (139 cm) hip.

This pattern is graded into five numerical sizes spanning that size range. I chose to make the size 4 though the bust, graded to the size 5 at the hips, which corresponds with my measurements of a 45” bust and 53” hips. This resulted in the oversized look as designed, but I do think going down a size would also work well. The finished measurements are included in the pattern so it should be easy to judge which size you would like to make based on how much ease you want. This pattern has about 10” of ease in both the bust and hips on me.  

I was a bit worried about the combination of the volume and length of the dress, typically when I sew something that is designed to be oversized, I like it to be above the knee length to help balance out all that volume. On my initial try on before hemming, I thought I had created a disaster! Well, after hemming and belting, I have to say that I am in love. It is so easy to wear and so cool and comfy for the hot weather we are having in New Mexico right now that I want to wear it every day (much like the name implies).

I’m sure that I will wear it belted most of the time, as you can see from the photos it is quite a lot of fabric without the belt. The instructions give suggested belt measurements, and for my size the length allows the belt to be wrapped around one and a half times, which I hadn’t tried before but looks really cute and stays in place much better than a single wrap belt. The selvage of the fabric had such a cute little rainbow and fringe that I decided to use it to finish the edges of the belt.

This pattern is very straightforward and would be great for a beginner, but it has a few tips and tricks included in the instructions that really make it a joy to put together. I definitely learned a few new construction techniques. The only caveat is that it does assume the use of a serger, though I suppose you could use some other finishing techniques if you get creative. With the split hem, it would be a real challenge to figure out French seams.

I give both the fabric and this pattern a huge two thumbs up! Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

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Jan Noble said:

Hi Megan, thanks so much for that- I changed the browser and that worked! Simple when you know what to do!! Thanks again. · 16th Sep 2019 03:41pm

Megan Green said:

Hi Jan- After I click the download pattern button, something pops up asking for my email address. They do make you give them your email address before you download the pattern (they add you to their email list, but I think they have only sent me an email when new pattens are released so it hasn't been annoying at all). My best guess is that you need to disable a popup blocker in your browser. Or maybe just try a different browser. I hope you can get it to work! · 11th Sep 2019 04:20am

Jan Noble said:

What a lovely dress! I do have a question- I've tried to download the pattern from Peppermint Magazine but can only access the instructions or the copy shop version. Clicking on the Download Pattern button results in nothing happening. I have emailed the magazine, but no response so far. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Do I have to subscribe to the magazine before I can download? Thanks for any help you can give me. · 10th Sep 2019 03:17pm