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Fifi Pyjamas

I’ve been wanting to sew the Fifi Pyjamas Pattern for a very long time.

It’s one of those patterns that I remember looking at with heart eyes at the very beginning of my sewing journey, thinking I would never ever be able to sew binding on that neatly… and that those cute little pleats in the cups were just too delicate to even consider attempting.

Quite a few years have gone by and I look back now with equal amount of pride and genuine surprise at all I’ve learnt on the way. Never would I have thought, at that time, that today you would be reading about me making them on the pages of the Minerva blog!

When their call for new Makers went out I barely blinked before sending the application through and I was thrilled and absolutely flattered by being accepted. Thank you Minerva! I enthusiastically started browsing through the fabric choices and immediately fell in love with the unusual colour combination of this Brushed Cotton Fabric and knew I wanted to make a pair of Tilly & the Buttons Fifi pyjamas out of it.

So here I was, with this sweet plaid in brushed cotton with the most vibrant colour palette contemplating making my first ever set of pyjamas. With rich blues and deep plum tones it’s perfect for my colours and the black and white stripes add that little bit of extra contrast which is just the ticket for someone with as strong colouring as myself.

From a handle point of view this fabric is super soft, almost like a lawn – however it’s crisper, almost like a poplin. The smooth side has an ever so subtle sheen to it, whilst the brushed side is oh so wonderfully soft against the skin. A perfect choice for sleepwear!

I have never really wanted to sew sleepwear before. My usual sleepwear choice is oversized tees which I change out of the second I am out of bed. I would look at wonderfully put together pyjamas set that I knew I would never wear and think it would be a waste of time to make a garment so very, very few would ever see…

However, as my circumstances changed (aka grew up!), I started to see the allure of making bedtime a special time for myself, particularly as I realised that putting more effort into bedtime would translate in waking up in a better mood and often make for a brighter morning.

The only thing I uhmmed and ahhed about is how this particular pattern would have looked in a checked fabric, considering that the top is cut on the bias and the shorts on the grain. I spent quite some time sketching different alternatives and pondering what the finished results could have looked like and in the end I resolved to cut it all on the bias.

I love the finished result but for goodness sake please don’t even think about pattern matching. I have spent three solid hours cutting out this tiny little thing and still, I don’t think there are two lines or checks matching in the whole set. I haven’t quite figured out if it’s me missing out something obvious or if matching plaids on the bias is genuinely a more ambitious task than I initially thought. I could also say I care about my checks being off-set, but let me tell you – after sleeping in these for a few days that would be me lying there.

Putting these on in the evening has been a small but very sweet act of self-devotion and waking up to this cute little number in the morning never fails to put a little smile on my face. Also, please take a moment to notice back-side tag. I laughed at myself while I was embroidering the little G on a scrap of bias but it’s oh-so-useful. Have mentally thanked my past self every night for the unexpected patience. Granted, next time I will probably use a plain one!

I’m sorry old t-shirts but I’m afraid I’ve fully graduated to lady-like sleepwear now. Suggestions for the next make anyone?  

Giorgia @1stitchforward

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Marijana Urbany said:

They're lovely PJs, well done, and what a great asset you'll be to Minerva. RTW hardly pays lip service to pattern-matching and I don't think anyone expects it any more except that rare thing: sewists, and then only of themselves! I do agree the colours suit you and I'm really, really tempted to make the maxi version of Jenna dress by BHL in either black or check (so let me know if you want pattern-share!). · 9th Aug 2019 07:27pm