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Flannel Carolyn Pyjama's

Hello Minerva readers! It's Allie from Today I am back with the absolute ultimate pajamas. This year, I put a pair of flannel Carolyn Pajamas (Closet Case Patterns) on my #MakeNine list. I've made several variations on the Carolyn Pajamas in cotton lawndouble gauze, and shirting fabric, but I didn't have a proper warm-and-fuzzy flannel set. I used to have a very sad pair of plaid flannel pajamas from L. L. Bean but this past year I determined they were just too embarrassing to be seen in any longer. Time to replace them with an even better handmade version, right?

The Carolyn Pajamas are a wonderful "upgrade" to your pajama drawer since they are a classic menswear style but a bit less boxy than a true unisex style. The pants rise hits at the hip, not the waist, like my old L. L. Bean pjs, and the top is fitted while still being relaxed enough to sleep comfortably in. For those of you with larger busts, the top pattern does not include darts, so keep that in mind. The top closes with buttons and the pants have a faux fly (which I always leave off) and an elastic waist. 

One of my favorite little details on the Carolyn Pajamas are the piping. There is so much room to personalize your pjs in your choice of piping! I had the tiniest scrap of Rifle Paper Co. floral cotton from an older project that I was inspired to use for this set. In order to squeeze the piping out of this little piece of fabric I had to get creative, and there are about a million seams in my piping! After all that, I ended up having to order an additional fat quarter for the pants cuffs. I used the continuous bias method to make single fold bias, rather than true piping--which is what I've done for every Carolyn set I've made so far. Another cute option would be to make self-fabric piping for a more subtle look—you’ll need a little bit of extra fabric and a package of piping cord for this, but there are many online tutorials on how to make your own piping. I always add a couple little bows in coordinating ribbon or fabric scraps, and this time I made them out of the same fabric I used for the piping. I made a tiny tube of the fabric and hand stitched it on. 

One negative for this pattern is that it takes a lot of fabric--you're basically making both a full-length sleeved shirt and a pair of pants, so you have to think of it as two projects worth of fabric, or maybe a full-length dress worth. Either way, it's an investment, so take your time sewing and make sure you are totally in love with your fabric choice! I recommend Minerva's cotton/wool Flannel Fabric... and maybe use those precious scraps you are hoarding for bias! There's nothing more luxurious than beautiful handmade pajamas, in my opinion.

Thank you so much for reading—I’ll see you next time!

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