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Floral Jersey Effra Skirt & Moselle Crop Top

Welcome to my inaugural post for the Minerva Crafts blog! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to review some fantastic products for all of you, particularly because I get to kick things off with the gorgeous floral Jersey Fabric available from Minerva Crafts. When I spotted the fabric on the website, I had immediate visions of a tropical ensemble. Although this might sound a bit counterintuitive for a jersey fabric, mild summers with cold nights offer a perfect opportunity to get some summer wear out of this floral beauty. And with the newly released Summer Essentials collection from Nina Lee Patterns, I knew that I was on to a winner…
Anyone who reads my blog will know that I’m notorious for avoiding knit fabrics at all costs. A terrible experience early on in my sewing career turned me off so tremendously that I’ve been terrified to touch them since. Fortunately, the release of several gorgeous knit patterns from some of my favourite indie pattern designers made me determined to try again. The purchase of a walking foot also really helped!
The floral jersey fabric sewed up like a dream. If you’re already experienced with knit fabrics, this will offer you no challenges whatsoever. On the other hand, if, like me, you have visions of warped and bulgy dresses dancing in your mind, it might be a good idea to familiarise yourself with some ‘sewing with knits’ techniques. It will certainly be worth it because this fabric is just gorgeous. I did find that the floral pattern appeared larger in person than I was expecting. However, for my purposes, this definitely helped me to create the tropical feeling that I was going for!
To achieve that super summery vibe, I decided to make the Effra Skirt and the Moselle Crop Top from Nina Lee’s Summer Essentials collection. Both patterns are available in PDF form. The Effra Skirt is designed specifically for knit fabrics and worked totally perfectly with the floral jersey fabric! It was such a simple make and took just a couple of hours to complete. Plus, an elasticated waist combined with the knit fabric makes this the comfiest summer skirt imaginable. The Moselle Crop Top is not designed for knit fabrics, but it feels as though it were perfectly tailored to them! Again fitted using elastic, it is such a simple and comfy make. Plus, the ruffle is such a gorgeous feature.
One of the reasons that I loved using knit fabric for these makes was the super flattering silhouette that they offer. I was concerned that I would feel a bit too constricted or ‘on show’ using a fabric that adheres so closely to the body. But the relative fittedness of the skirt flatters the curves and is also perfectly complemented by the floaty top. With the makes I chose, I’ve also found that the ensemble keeps me perfectly cool (and given that temperatures have been 35-40C in St Louis this summer, that’s quite a feat). These makes have proved to me that knit fabrics are perfectly summer-ready – it just depends which patterns you opt for!
This fabric is definitely worth a look by anyone hoping to integrate more knit fabrics into their wardrobe. The design is beautiful and the colours are so vibrant. If you want to build our confidence with knits, this fabric also offers a great place to start. The sewing patterns I chose both used an incredibly small amount of fabric, meaning that you can buy 3 metres and have plenty left over in case of mistakes (something that I always find reassuring!). The gorgeous floral design lends itself to smaller projects – such as crop tops – because its vibrancy makes just about everything look standout and unique.
So hop on over to this beautiful fabric and get yourself out into what remains of the summer, whilst looking your tropical best!
Laura and Lizzy @ Sew for Victory

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