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Fuchsia Linen Sundress

This was one of those projects where I have to admit that a few things did not go according to plan, although it’s alright in the end. Luckily I am not a perfectionist, and mistakes can always (ok, usually) be fixed. 
I made a Seamwork Amber sundress in a printed lawn last year and loved it. It was the first fitted bodice I had made in a while, so I was pretty pleased with myself. I thought, this is nice, but I’d love one in a medium weight linen - maybe red, maybe bright pink? I did notice the darts were a little long on me, but it didn’t bother me too much because it kind-of got lost in the print I used. I also wanted to change up the straps - either a halter (my original intention here), or a criss-cross in the back (as I’ve done in the end). So when Minerva very kindly offered me this gorgeous Mill Washed Linen, I said ‘yes please!!’ And set to work on my dream linen sundress. 
The fabric, I must say, is fabulous. It’s the real deal, 100% linen. All my favourite sack dress patterns would be wonderful in this as would literally any trouser pattern. It’s the perfect slightly-beefier weight. with the perfect rugged-but-softening linen texture. I love it. For a sundress, it is at once breezy and substantial.
The trouble started with my sewing. I thought, ok, lets go change up the straps! the halter was ok, but I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to criss cross them in the back. I like the idea of it, but despite faffing around for ages with the strap placement, I still have a bit of gaping at the zipper to fix (I’ve chosen the photo that shows it the most, so you can see what I mean. It doesn’t look as bad from the other side but it’s bugging me. I thought I had dealt with the problem by adjusting the straps and taking in the bodice at the side seams, but no, it’s still gaping a little. Unfortunately, by now, I’ve already under-stitched and fully lined the bodice, so that’s a lot of unpicking to do if I want to fix it properly. (A naughty little voice in my head is saying, “no one cares!”) It makes me think I could do with a dress form as well because its hard to adjust that sort of thing on your own back.
My other big fail was the blind hem. I wanted to do a blind hem by machine to save time. I did not, however, have a blind hem foot to hand. Overconfident as I often am, I thought I’ll just be careful! It’ll be fine! So I eyeballed it with a regular presser foot. In some places, this worked beautifully. In others, it pinches the fabric unattractively, even with careful pressing. I have since ordered a blind hem foot and thoroughly learned my lesson.  
Despite those little setbacks, I think it’s pretty cute! It’s bright, it’s fun, and the fabric is wonderful. I can recommend it unreservedly. I also recommend trying new things, even when they give you trouble. 
Thanks for reading,
Jo xx
The Unfinished Seamstress

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