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Gathered Skirt AK Patterns Sheona Dress

I used this excellent quality Scuba Crepe Fabric to make an AK Patterns Sheona Dress. I’ve previously made one other Sheona but this time wanted to try the longer gathered skirt version. This pattern differs from others I have seen in that the gather starts quite low giving it a dropped waist in something of a 1920s style. I also wanted slightly longer (but not long) sleeves, so added a couple of inches, although I think next time I might reduce this by one inch. I also added to the length a little as I didn’t want this dress to come up short and therefore restrict its wearability. 

I sewed the dress on my overlocker other than inserting the gathers in the waist for which I reverted back to good old fashioned lengthened straight stitch on my regular machine. It is a really quick and easy pattern to sew up with the most fiddly part probably being the neckband. There are no darts or fastenings so it would be a great beginner pattern or one for someone taking their first steps sewing with knit fabrics.

I’ll be honest: when I initially chose this fabric I hadn’t looked at it particularly closely. As ever, it was the floral/dark background combination that I was drawn to, and the darker shades of red and green struck me as quite unusual. When the package dropped through my letter box I was delighted to find that there are in fact little cranes scattered here and there on this scuba crepe knit which I think gives a kind of Japanese vibe. I love birds and anything bird related and I think the cranes make this fabric unusual and elegant. 

I am really pleased with how this Sheona dress turned out and I can see me getting a lot of wear out of it, particularly during autumn and winter, because of the calibre of the fabric I know it will keep me warm as well as feeling like quite a smart dress. It’s not the most fitted item in my wardrobe but I think it is flattering and very comfortable. I am already part way through sewing up another version in a more summery fabric which is basically identical other than I may reduce the side seams a little depending on how it sews up. 

There are loads of possible hacks provided by Athina for this pattern, the first version I made had a narrow ruffle on both the sleeves and hem which is a pretty detail. Adding cuffs to short sleeves could also look good I think, to match in with the neckband and make it look even smarter. Because of the combination of the colours and the variety of greenery and flowers on this fabric, it does make me think of Christmas a little and I think it could be used to create all types of stunning winter dresses. It’s always a pleasure working with fabric that behaves itself and doesn’t fray – for once the insides of this dress are just about as neat as the outside! 

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