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Gingham Scuba Madeit Patterns Balloon Fold Dress

Where do I start with Scuba Fabric…well it’s the queen of knit fabrics…that’s a direct quote from me of course. I don’t think anyone has ever voted in that there poll! I really can’t think of anything negative to say about Scuba. It’s a double knit so it’s as stable as they come, easy to sew particularly if you’re new to sewing with knit fabric and jersey. It’s easy to cut your pattern from, no slipping about under your pattern, no creasing naughtily when you’re pinning one end and the other end decides to make its move like a lot of other knits do. And to be honest the pinning together seams for sewing is to a minimal for me at least with scuba because this beauty is just so good to its owner it just stays where you want it to stay as if you just willed it there! Oh and how could I forget…no ironing, I repeat NO IRONING!!!

So when Minerva Crafts sent me some beautiful Gingham Print Scuba I was so filled full of ideas of what I could make for myself…until my daughter came home from school and nigh on insisted that this fabric wasn’t going anywhere but into her wardrobe in the form of a garment that would fit her only!

So that was me told! My soon to be 7 year old had let her feelings be known and who was I to go against her. I wanted to try something different than a fit and flare dress. There are enough of those in the world or in her world anyway.

I came across the Madeit Patterns Balloon Fold Dress a while back and absolutely fell in love with it. In my opinion it’s an edgy style, something different and out of the norm and I fell for it. I knew the samples dresses on the pattern were made in a lighter weight knit and sure enough when I looked up the pattern they recommended lighter knits but I still thought this weightier scuba would be beautiful made up so I went ahead.

The pattern calls for two different fabrics for this pattern, one for the back piece and bottom panel of the front and another fabric for the upper panel of the front piece. I decided to really try to make full use of what I had and not forget about the ‘wrong’ side of this scuba as the second fabric.

The beauty of this pattern is that there are three different ways to wear this finished dress, full length, the elasticated bottom turned up to the waist on the inside for a shorter balloon dress and thirdly the elasticated bottom turned up on the outside for a top and skirt look.

I took my daughter’s measurements and as luck would have it she had the exact measurements for a 7 year old. I cut my fabric from the pattern remembering to flip the pattern around for the top panel of the front piece where I wanted to use the plain white ‘wrong’ side of the fabric.

There are only 4 pattern pieces to this pattern so I had it printed off, taped together and cut out in no time. The trickiest part of this pattern if you could actually call it tricky was slightly stretching the band around the neck and armhole but honestly calling it tricky is really pushing it.

If I had to guestimate how long I spent at this project (I really have to guestimate all my projects because I very rarely get to sit and do one project without interruptions) I’d say from the printing stage to fitting on the final garment it took half a day max.

If anyone on a budget wants a dress for a special little girl in their lives (I made this whole dress from 1 metre of fabric for a 7 year old) or wants to make the most of their fabric I recommend this pattern wholeheartedly and if you want to really make the most out of the pattern I would recommend this Fabric because it has so many good qualities for the person sewing it but also the person wearing it. If you come from a country like Ireland for example where rain and cold reign then this dress keeps you snuggly warm particularly when wearing a long sleeved top inside, a cardigan on top maybe and wearing it at its longest length. But you know even in Ireland we get maybe 3 warm days a year, or if we go on holidays to warmer climes Scuba is great under the sun as it’s cool to touch and seems to adapt to its environment and keep the wearer cool.

So if I haven’t made this clear this is a favourite of mine, love the pattern, love the fabric. Give it a go…thank me later!

Oh and I promise if Minerva Crafts send me fabric again I’ll be wiser next time…I’m hiding it…it’ll me mine…ALL MINE. Have a good day Minerva Crafters x

Marie @Maeme_and_Momo

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