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Grey Stripe Wrap Dess

Hi fellow Sewists!
Let me introduce you to my very first wrap dress and its challenging Stripe Fabric.
I love stripes and I will never back down from a challenge. But when I picked this McCalls Pattern 6959, which places the dress pieces onto the bias, I was deeply concerned about the directions these would take. But I thought: "Hum ... that could be interesting! Multi-directional stripes on a wrap dress!"
This grey stripe cotton fabric, called Seersucker, was very easy to manipulate. Never had the chance to make anything with it, I believe it has now become my favourite fabric to play around with. It's light, bouncy and doesn't keep creases. It's a garment I won't need to iron each time I take it out of the closet. (And that's a massive selling point for me, haha).
As I mentioned above, this is my first wrap dress making. The idea to put on a dress that easily is just amazing. One doesn't need to wiggle around to undress and that's just a relief! That fact aside, it is also very breathable. The movement it gives is magical. Let me explain, I love a dress that floats about without showing "too much" of yourself. Yet, you still feel free to move around without a worry, as if you were wearing nothing. For those sweaty days, I will adore this concept.
The stripes: yes, the stripes were a challenge. I was worried the directions of the stripes would give a weird impression of the whole garment. As if pieces would have been cut the wrong way. However, the more I sewd the pieces together and the darts, the more it made sense. Multi-directional is a concept that attracts the eye. When it is well put together, the garment gets this "artistic" look. So instead of looking like a woman referee, this garment makes it look like a clever patchwork.
Although I wanted this final garment to be inspired by Tim Burton's style, I still managed to bring a personal touch. No, it's not too much of a gothic impression, sadly, but it reminds the victorian era with a subtle "nowadays" design. This fabric has a bouncy feel, which naturally gives a body to the whole dress. It falls amazingly well on the hips and keeps a pleasant shape at the bottom.
The tie adds an interesting dimension to the dress too. It cuts the whole garment at the waist and the horizontal stripes enhance the concept. It becomes much more than a simple belt, it is essential.
I can't wait to wear it on the sunny days. This dress would fit so much in a park with a cup of tea and a little umbrella, hahaha.
What are your thoughts about it? Would you wear that referee/victorian dress in this summer time?
Thank you for reading,
Live long and Sew well!
Camille @ Irvhan

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