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Head over Heels with my Boho Socks!

I do like a cosy pair of socks but had never got around to making any myself as it looked so complicated…all those needles to control, going round and round in circles and how on earth do you shape a heel?

Well when I saw the Head Over Heels Boho Yarn I decided to face my fear and get knitting! This variegated 4 Ply comes in six different colour options and I chose Orinoco; a bold mix of purples, orange, pink, black and white. I haven’t used a variegated yarn like this before so wasn’t sure what it would look like but the ball band does include a picture of the finished effect.

This soft, fine yarn which consists of a machine washable mix of 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon, is designed for socks but I’m sure it could also be used make something like a delicate shawl too.

I don’t personally get on with circular needles so opted for a set of bamboo double pointed needles and a pattern for 4 ply ribbed knee socks. I like bamboo needles as they seem to allow me to knit longer without my hands starting to ache and as I have only ever knitted a baby hat successfully in the round I didn’t expect my socks to grow very quickly!

Holding the knitting spread around three needles felt a little awkward to start with and it did take a few rounds to get into the swing of it but by then I had found it quiet addictive to see the variegated yarn produce its stripy effect so it didn’t take that long to get to the dreaded heel section.

I need not have worried as this pattern was clear and straight forward. I like how a different combination of stitches was used to give a different texture to the heel and underfoot section.

The fiddly bit came at the end reducing down to only a couple of stitches on each needle. The sock then had to be turned inside out to finish off. I found safety pins perfect to hold the stitches for me as I turned it. Once the stitches were back on the needles they were knitted together and cast off.

Sock complete :)

The distinct repetition of the colours allowed me to easily find the correct section of yarn to cast my second sock on with so they have become a perfectly matched pair!

An enjoyable knitting project and with its bright mixture of colours I found the Boho Yarn smooth and soft to work with. My new socks feel great to wear and I’ve made the matching fingerless gloves to go with them too.

Happy knitting :)

Nicky @ Sew N Snip

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