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Heart Embossed Fleece Dressing Gown

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with a luxurious pink, heart embossed, Fleece Fabric from Minerva.

Now the weather is getting cooler, and I pretty much jump into my PJ’s as soon as I get home from work, I needed something else I could wear for the cooler evenings.  As soon as I felt the fabric I knew it would be perfect for a dressing gown. This fleece is the type that is so soft to touch you want to just snuggle into it.  Looking through my patterns & also online I couldn’t find quite the right dressing gown pattern.  However, I have an unlined coat pattern that was the perfect shape and length for what I had in mind - Simplicity 1067. I questioned whether this would work and funnily enough whilst checking out the reviews a lady had commented that her sister’s new handmade coat looked like a dressing gown – problem solved, and I went with this pattern.

Pattern cutting was easy as long as the hearts are up the right way, and the pattern itself has clear instructions with the pockets only being hemmed across the top and stitched in place along the bottom. The pockets sides are then tacked to be sewn later with the side seams.  I cheated a bit and ran a line of machine stitching up the sides rather than hand tacking but either methods work fine.

Attaching the collar needs some care to line up the dots from the pattern and I recommend tacking in place before machining.  I stitched from pinning and caught a small section of fabric in the stitch line.  I could probably have left it on this occasion being a dressing gown rather than a coat as the area is underneath the large collar.  However, I’m never happy knowing there’s a mistake, hence I unpicked it and re stitched.  As I’d used reasonable size stitches (3.5-4.0) it was easy to unpick but any smaller and threads of the fabric may have been damaged by unpicking.  The pattern gave the option of hand or machine stitching the inner collar in place and I chose machine stitching as this garment is likely to be thrown into the washer more often than a coat would be, so I wanted the stitches to be more secure.

To finish the collar & front facing the edge is top stitched and the facing then hand sewn to the side seam.  I felt hand stitching to be the better option along the front as there is less wear than around the neck and I wanted to avoid the stitches being visible on the front.

I added the finishing touches of a fabric covered button & a snap fastener with a ribbon on the inside.  Overall, I love the finished dressing gown, it’s length and the ease with which it went together.  I would say invest in some good quality, longer pins as the weave and thickness of the fleece make standard pins difficult to use.  However, the advantages of using fleece are there is no fraying nor curling of the edges therefore, seams can be left unfinished. 

Using a coat pattern allowed this make to be a wearable toile and if I ever make this as a coat I would add back darts to give it a bit more shape, I would find this a bit too ‘boxy’ although I love the simplicity of the pattern.  A luxurious touch for a coat would be to bind the seams in a contrasting tape or make a contrasting lining.

Thanks to Minerva for the beautiful fabric & to everyone for reading.

Helen @ Just Sew Helen

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