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Holiday dress in embroidered lace tulle

This holiday season will be different than most in that, due to the early-December arrival of our little boy, I won’t have a holiday party to attend. Despite this, when I received a beautiful embroidered lace tulle from Minerva, I couldn’t resist to “sew some frosting”. Introducing my latest Minerva make:  McCall’s M7995.

This pattern is from McCall’s latest winter/holiday collection. M7995 is a loose-fitting short dress that comes with the whole kit and caboodle: optional flounces, ruffles and a large side bow collar. I chose to make View A, the sleeveless version which features the bow and pretty flounces. I find the bow can be a little overpowering for my frame so I like the option of leaving it as a side tie too.

In terms of sizing and modifications, I cut a size Small for the top of the dress and a size Medium for the bottom. The Medium bottom is to accommodate my growing belly, though my intention for this dress is mainly postpartum use.

I find the loose swing style of the dress to be quite concealing of my pregnancy. Well... expect from the side view :) and it’s exactly what I was going for -- hello Trudy Campbell’s awesome nightgown (for those of you familiar with the show Mad Men)! I find it fascinating how maternity wear has evolved throughout the years. Up until the 1950s, women were expected to hide their baby bump for as long as possible. And when the bump grew too large to conceal, women often stayed home until they had recovered from the birth and were back to a more socially acceptable waistline. Since then, social norms have gradually shifted. It’s only been relatively recently that western society has allowed women to fully embraced this special time of growth and that they have been able to proudly show their pregnancy in public. Of course, this is very revealing of how society is evolving in regards to women’s bodies and sexuality. Personally, I feel privileged to be able to decide how to dress my bump in the absence of any significant outside influences.

Now, with the history lesson out of the way, let’s have a look at something much lighter, both literally and figuratively: this gorgeous tulle fabric from Minerva, featuring embroidered flowers AND sequins! It’s gotta be one of the fanciest fabrics I’ve ever worked with and I’m not used to sewing with sequins. When I was finishing the inside seams, I actually broke my serger’s needle on a bulky sequins part of the fabric. After that incident, I removed as many sequins as possible from the raw edges before proceeding with the serger again. I underlined the tulle fabric with a black Bemberg rayon. And for the contrast collar and flounces, I used a satin that matches the beautiful bordeaux shade of the embroidered flowers. I am constantly drawn to burgundy and purple tones during this time of year.

Thanks to Minerva for the opportunity to sew something special with this amazing fabric. I love this dress so much! It’s easy, comfy, and it has the right amount of shimmer and shine that makes me wanna dance! It’ll be a hit at next year’s holiday parties! Here are additional pictures:

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