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How to Sew a Coat with Simplicity 8262 Pattern

As we’re now into the winter months here in Ohio, a winter coat is an absolute must-have! Over the past couple of years, I have wanted to sew a winter coat and even picked up the pattern I used for this coat, but have not gotten around to making one. I was excited to use this black wool blend Coating Fabric to make this coat. It was the perfect material, and I loved the herringbone detail woven into the wool!

For my jacket, I used the Simplicity Pattern 8262, by Leanne Marshall. This pattern includes a lined coat or jacket and features a double shawl collar. This coat pattern is truly unique and is sure to stand out in your wardrobe!

There are two different pattern options for this winter coat:

- Peplum coat (hits right below the knees)

- Peplum jacket (hits at the hips)

What You Need to Make the Simplicity 8262 Coat Version A 

(If you’re adding a hood - purchase the higher amount listed below);

- Version A Main Coat Fabric (4 - 4.25 yards or 3.75 - 4 meters (60”) / 5.25 - 5.50 or 4.75 - 5 meters (45”))

- Version A Coat Lining Fabric (3.5 - 3.75 yards or 3 - 3.25 meters)

- Version A Interfacing (3 yards or 2.75 meters)

- Patterm Simplicity 8262

- Matching Sewing Thread

- Hook and Eye OR One Medium Snap

- 4 Toggles

- Round Polyester Cord (Optional)

Sewing Instructions and Modifications for the Peplum Coat

The design and layout of the instructions for this Simplicity pattern follow the same format that all Simplicity patterns follow. The instructions book provides a glossary and general instructions notes, cutting layout and detailed instructions for the two pattern options. Overall, the instructions were easy to understand and follow along. I loved the pattern as is and the only major adjustment I made was to add a hood to the coat instead of a second shawl collar. This small change makes it more practical for me to wear every day.

How to Add a Hood to Your Simplicity 8262 Coat

To make your hood, you will need to layout your upper hood pattern piece along with another pattern piece that is either handmade or borrowed from another pattern. To make my hood, I used the hood piece from Hey June’s Halifax hoodie pattern. You can use any hood pattern piece, or you can trace one using clothing you already own.

  1. Cut out 2 hood pieces ( 1 - main coat fabric, 1 - lining fabric)

  2. Cut the outer edge of your lining to be .5 - 1 inch smaller than your main fabric.

  3. Pin your coat fabric to the lining, with right sides together, and sew

  4. Turn the hood right side out

  5. Fold over the edge of the hood, so your outer fabric is shown from the outside of your hood

  6. Stitch along the edge of the two seams (.5 - 1 inch) to secure the lining in place.

  7. Attach the hood to your jacket/coat by following the rest of the steps for the upper collar piece

How to Add a Toggle To Your Simplicity Coat

There are so many options when it comes to adding a Toggle Closure to your coat.

First Option: Attach and hand sew Premade Toggles to your coat.

Second Option:Sew your own and match the base of your toggle piece with the fabric from your coat. To do this, you will need to follow these simple instructions:

1. Cut out the base of your toggle from your coat fabric and lining fabric

2. Cut out your desired length of Round Polyester Cord in 8 pieces. Add your toggle to 4 of the polyester cord pieces.

3. Pin your polyester cord to your coat fabric and add a baste stitch

4. Next, pin the right side of the lining to the right side of the coat and sew about 75% around.
5. Trim the edges and turn right side out.
6. Fold the fabric in and pin in place
7. Pin your toggle base to your jacket and follow the instructions to attach.

Sizing & Adjustments to the Simplicity 8262 Pattern

This pattern runs very small. Thankfully, I checked the sizing measurements before I started to cut out the jacket! I am normally a size 4, but I cut out and sewed a 12 in this jacket. So, this is something to keep in mind when you go to purchase the pattern and pick between the two options (sizes 4-12 and 14-22). I will say, that I ended up bringing in the waist a little bit with my toggles to create a more fitted look, but overall the size 12 fit me perfectly in the shoulders and chest.

Overall, I love how this jacket turned out and am very happy I waited for the right fabric to use! And the few times I have worn it out, I have already received compliments! This coat can easily be styled and wear to work, holiday events, formal gatherings and more. I am excited to finally have a me-made coat that I can wear during the cold winter months.

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey @ Seamlined Living

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