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Huey Hoodie & Mens Sweater in Fur Backed Jersey

Hey there! I’m Andrew, and boy have I got a treat for you today! When I saw this Fur Backed Jersey Fabric I fell in love with it straight away.

Of course it arrived promptly and as soon as I got my hands on it I wasn’t disappointed. The jersey side is soft and warm… and then… the other side… is a beautifully soft and snuggly short pile faux fur! As much as I knew I wanted this fabric, I hadn’t really decided what I’d make from it. A hoodie was the perfect choice I thought, with a zip up so the fur could be seen inside.

I kept the jersey sides facing each other while I cut the pattern out (I used the Huey Hoodie pattern from the fur sides would have slipped around too much. And I kept my walking foot firmly in place! It wasn’t too tricky to sew with, but it can slip around a bit if you’re not careful. I used plenty of pins, clips where necessary and kept to a slow to medium speed while sewing.

I used some tape behind the pockets as the fabric is pretty stretchy. This gets hidden behind the seam allowance and will stop the pockets from going baggy. I got a nice chunky zip which I basted in to one side first. I marked the hem, pockets, hood-seam and top with chalk and used these marks to baste in the other side.

I also found some super-chunky ribbing which wasn’t cheap but matches the luxury of the main fabric.

I didn’t use a facing, instead I hand sewed cotton tape all the way up behind the zip, around the hood and back down the other side of the zip! This was more handsewing than I had done for a long time, but gave such a nice finish, I’m starting to learn to love handsewing!

I had enough fabric left to make something else and was really tempted to make drawstring trousers - so I had a full ‘arctic-ready-leisure-set’! - but in all reality, it would probably only be cold enough to wear it a few days of the winter. So I opted for another top. I wanted something that would show off both sides of the fabric and chose the men’s sweater pattern from the Ottobre Magazine - Family Edition. This top has little yokes on the shoulders where I could show off the furry side. This also got me thinking that I should try to make this top reversible, so I tested a few seam finishes.

It’s hard to see the difference here, but the tidiest option seemed to be the one on the right: I stitched the seam with a 2mm x 2mm zigzag stitch then used the lightning stitch to catch the seams on the furry side underneath. This all took much more time than simply overlocking the whole thing together, and I’m not convinced it’s been 100% successful.

I’m actually contemplating using a herringbone or fagotting stitch over the centre of the seams, like a coverstitch (which I don’t have!)  

I’ll run a few tests first to see how it looks.

But for the meantime I’m over the moon with my new tops.

So if you’re after something warm, soft and snuggly, I highly recommend this fabric! And if you’d like to keep tabs on my sewing journey you can find me on Instagram as @sewandrew or at Thanks for reading!

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