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Is It Summer Yet??

Hi Minerva Makers!

Today I’m sending some sunshine your way! Maybe you are planning your summer wardrobe in your head or maybe you have a tropical vacation planned; either way I’m here to tempt you and share some warm weather fashion inspiration.
I never worked with Double Gauze Fabric before but it sounded absolutely perfect for my island life here in beautiful and sunny Barbados, so I chose this tie dye one to have a go. I was right, very suitable for warm weather; it’s breezy, cool and very comfortable to wear. Mine is in the navy colourway but it’s also available in pink and a lighter blue, both stunning!
I knew I wanted a very ‘easy to throw on’ type of dress and I opted for the Tessuti Fabrics Bondi dress. It’s a sleeveless shift style dress with a high neckline, cut away armholes, bust darts, side pockets, center front/back seam and back yoke with neck opening. It also features hem facings and a fringed edge. I made size 12 with two alterations. I shortened the dress by 3 inches and I used the shoulder length of the size 8 since the arms are super low.
I could not be happier with the pattern and fabric pairing. The recommended fabrics were medium weight linen or linen blend, cotton, medium weight silk or silk blend. Double gauze is interesting to say the least. It’s constructed from two layers of fabric tacked together and you can easily pull them apart if you wanted to. The front layer is very fine and soft, and the back layer is ever so slightly heavier with a more open weave. The front layer is the patterned tie dye piece while the back layer is a solid cream colour. It would probably be really cool to play around with the two different colours and textures but I really just wanted to show off the tie dye layer.
I sewed the dress with both layers together as one fabric until I got to the hem. Because the back layer has a more open and thick weave, I pulled that layer off and attached only the tie dye layer as the edging to be frayed. It frayed with absolutely no issues and I really love that feature on this dress. I made sure to serge all my seams on the dress because the back layer tends to fray easily since it has a more open weave. The pattern does call for you to serge your seams anyway and the neck and arms are bias bound. You cut the bias strips from your fabric as well. For this part, I just left the layers together as one and it worked beautifully. The inside of the dress is very neat and it’s cool how it’s all in the cream colour. Almost looks like a different dress on the inside.
Now that I’ve finally sewn with double gauze, my number one recommendation is a shift dress. The super soft fabric coupled with the loose breezy silhouette is just too comfy. I mean I almost want to sleep in the thing. It is perfect for strolling on the beach or lunch at an outdoor restaurant. I call it my tourist dress. 
Although I live on an island, I love tropical vacations as well. All of the islands in the Caribbean are so unique, you need to visit all of them separately to explore the different cultures. That being said, I have some island hopping to do this year and I officially have my first me made vacation dress ready to go! I hope you love it as much as I do and feel inspired to start building your summer wardrobe fabric stash!

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Wow, absolutley love your dress. Its now on my to-do list. Thank you for sharing xx · 5th Jun 2019 12:07pm