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It’s Beginning to look a lot like a Vintage Christmas Apron

For me, the holidays are all about the baking and tasty foods. I grew up loving the smells of Christmas: baking cookies, mincemeat tarts, roasted turkey, and so much more. My family always cooked and baked way too much for the holidays, but it was our traditions so we all just accepted that there would be a bit of an indulgence then. As a kid, I was not a baker or a cook. I would lose interest pretty fast whenever my Mom tried to include me. I loved decorating the tree and putting up lights so I would often help out with that instead. Now that I am grown, I adore baking. I love creating recipes or adapting many of my family’s traditional recipes for my many food allergies. I’m really glad I love it now and can still make many of the things I enjoyed growing up without the health setbacks that I used to have with certain allergens. 
When I was contacted about doing a Christmas or Holiday blog post, I knew I wanted to make an apron to help me create yummy foods. I started off with a vintage dress pattern from Anne Adams #4835. The pattern is one size – size 16 ½.
A few years ago a friend sent me the pattern and I’ve been wanting to make it ever since, but knew it would require a lot of alterations to get the fit right. An apron, however, doesn’t require half the fitting needs of a dress. I loved the scalloped details and thought that the dress would work well as an apron. I used the centre front piece and the front sides as well as the pocket pieces, ties, the scallop detail for the straps and, finally, the front facing piece. I finished the edges of the front sides by hemming them and topstitching. 
I omitted the back pieces entirely and attached two rectangles to the straps and then looped the tie through the bottom of those, shown in the below picture.
I chose to make the pockets and the scallop straps in a contrast colour. I had some lime green cotton in my stash and it pairs really well with the Minerva fabric. I generally prefer less traditional colour pairings for Christmas projects and think this pairing looks especially cute. The fabric was lovely. It washed up nicely and was soft and lovely to sew. 
I kept the original length of the dress for the apron. I think future versions will be a bit shorter since I am 5’3” but the length is good to keep my clothes protected during a baking session. I do tend to get hilariously messy while I bake. 
I definitely want to make another vintage apron using this pattern. It’s such a cute style and I love that the apron has pockets. I have a few aprons that don’t have pockets and I never use them. 
I can’t wait to make some tasty cookies for the season. 
Andie @ Sew Pretty in Pink

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