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It's Getting Hot Out Here

I'm not sure about you, but it has been insanely warm in my neck of the woods this summer. It reminds me of when I lived in Louisiana. As soon as you wake up and step a foot outside, you are sweating. For us, it seems to be a combination between having little rain and long, 90+ degree days.
Is it just me or does it always seem like your wardrobe is lacking the essential items needed when the weather changes? I feel that every winter and summer, I am in desperate need of specific items of clothing that I don't seem to own. This past winter it was a coat and sweaters that I lacked. This summer, I seem to be in need of loads of lightweight tops as well as shorter shorts and skirts. I seem to only own one pair of shorts that don't match anything in my closet- don't get me wrong, they are super cute and comfy, but the print literally only goes with one top I own.
So, for this summer, I have made it my mission to sew things that I actually need. I have taken a good, long look at my wardrobe and am on a mission to fill the holes I have spotted, starting with a breathable top.
I didn't have to look much further than Sarah Kirsten's Morning Glory Top, which is a totally free pattern by the way! It's the perfect stash busting top, plus if you have never pattern drafted before, this is a great introduction into drafting something to your own measurements for the ideal fit!
I only have about 1 yard of this awesome, rusty colored Crinkle Gauze Fabric. I knew it was destined to become SOME sort of top, but I wasn't sure exactly what top that would be when it arrived at my doorstep. Luckily, I have some awesome sewing buddies and my friend Kari suggested the Morning Glory Pattern to me! Upon seeing it online I was 100% convinced that this was the top for me!
What a quick sew this piece turned out to be! I was able to draft, cut and sew it all up in one sitting of about two or so hours. I wound up making the bodice a tad longer than the suggested length, just because I don't personally enjoy wearing crop tops. I think cropped shirts look really cute on loads of people, it's just not my jam.
The only other change I made was in how I finished off the inside of the top. The pattern suggests turning the neckline back twice before stitching it into place. Instead, I opted to use up some of my favorite handmade bias tape! I always make bias tape with any leftover scraps from previous projects. I feel it gives a fun cohesion to my clothing, plus its a great way to keep my studio as zero waste as possible!
Now, this pattern seems to be able to be worn either backwards or forwards as there are no darts and the only closure is the tie.
However, for some reason I feel like a serious case of 90s era Britney Spears flashback when the tie is turned to the front. And it doesn't help that when I tell people my name, a lot of them immediately respond with “Oh, like Britney Spears!”
So, unless I am feeling ultra ultra hot, I believe the tie will remain toward the back of my body!
Which is totally cool with me as the front of this top is the perfect canvas for accessorizing. Plus, I love it when you see a garment on someone that you like an then they turn around to reveal a super snazzy surprise detail! That is what the Morning Glory top does for me. It's all sweet and casual from the front and then a little bit sassy when you turn around!
Isn't that all we really want in a garment? A little bit of sass and a whole heap of functionality.
Thanks for reading,
Brittani @ Untitled Thoughts

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