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King Cole Alpaca Slipper-Socks by Lauren

Hello everyone. I’m Lauren, a sewing / knitting addict and I want to share one of my most-recent knitting projects.

Just a bit of background for you – I knit baby clothes and accessories in my spare time, and sell them in my Etsy shop. But it’s rare that I actually knit anything adult-sized. However, recently I’ve made an exception.

My brother - after complaining about his cold feet for the 14th time - jokingly asked me to make him a man-sized version of the baby booties I knit. Challenge accepted mate!

After looking on the Minerva Crafts site for appropriate slipper-sock patterns, I found this one: King Cole 3275. It looked perfect - cosy, chunky, fun to make; they also bore a strong resemblance to the baby-boots I make, which was an added bonus!

The pattern recommends using King Cole Baby Alpaca DK, which I’ve used before on another project in the past and loved. It’s such a soft yarn and the colours are lovely. I ordered 5 balls – enough to make a pair of slipper socks in the largest size – in the camel colourway.

After working with this yarn for a while, I still love it. It is wonderfully soft, with a slight halo, and although it can be a little splitty, I found that this became a lot less of an issue after I had got used to working with it.

The only down-side I found with the yarn is its suitability to this kind of pattern. As it’s hand-wash only, I do wonder whether it’s a little impractical for an item you wear on your bare feet, on the floor. So far, they have been hand-washed a couple of times and still look good. Being a pretty heavy-duty item, the yarn has shown some signs of wear on the sole of the foot, but I think this is understandable and not really an issue for my brother.

The slipper socks are constructed in three parts, the sole, which is done in basic garter stitch, the upper part of the foot, and the leg and leg linings, which are done in rib and stocking stitch. Making them up was fairly straight forward, I just safety-pinned all the pieces in place evenly, and used a whip stitch to attach them.

I think it came out really well, and overall the pattern was fairly easy to follow. However, it did take me a lot longer to make than I expected. The only other issue I had with this make, was that the finished article didn’t really come out as I first expected. The pattern cover art makes the slippers look really sturdy, as though they are similar to an actual boot, when in fact, they don’t stand up on their own and are more of a sock when they’re off the foot. I think it was probably a bit silly of me to have that expectation though, after all, they are only made of yarn, and when they’re on the foot, they look great :) I could perhaps try some of these Slipper Soles next time.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the King Cole Baby Alpaca yarn to anyone who wants a super-soft, fluffy DK wool, that comes in loads of colours. I’d probably also recommend the pattern too, but I’d just say to bear in mind that they might not look like the pattern illustration.

Anyway, my brother likes these slippers a lot, and has so far not complained anywhere near as much about having cold feet, so that seems like a winner to me!

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