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Klona Cotton Pyjamas

Hello, I’m Andrew from blog mensew and @BusterSew on instagram. I’m here today to share with you a make I've created using Klona Cotton Fabric. It’s described as ‘heavier than poplin - lighter than drill’ which just about sums it up perfectly! Now, I’m not much of a quilter - although I have been known to dabble! - but I would imagine this would make a lovely quilt as it’s soft and cool. I was thinking of making an overshirt, to wear open over a t-shirt, but when the fabric arrived it wasn't quite the blue I expected. Very close, but not quite, so do be careful when you’re selecting colours from an ipad screen. It‘ a very nice blue, however, a shirt in this colour would look too much like hospital scrubs, so that idea was out. Then an even better idea came to me…


I’ll let you into a little secret… pyjamas are my favourite ‘lounge-wear’ - I’ve got brushed cotton ones for the winter, linen ones for the summer, and now these ones will be perfect for the in between months.

I washed, tumble dried and ironed the fabric, just as I will the pyjamas, and the texture was much softer. It ironed crisply though making it easy to pin and cut accurately.

To break up the blue (and tone down the A&E vibe!) I decided to add piping, so I went through my scraps box looking for something suitable. I found some red gingham which I thought would be perfect, and five matching red buttons from the button box my elderly neighbour left me. I didn’t have any piping cord to hand, only a bit of ‘jumbo’ left over from an old cushion project, so I improvised with some cotton string from my tool box. I don’t know why it always surprises me how many tools cross over from sewing box to tool box and back again. An awl is an awl, after all!

I made the piping first, about 5m of it to be on the safe side, then got straight on to the trousers. They're a quick and satisfying make; first I baste the piping onto the outside seams of the front leg pieces, then I sew on the inseam pockets. To keep things simple (and usable) I leave the fly open, with the seams finished and pressed over to the left, before attaching the waistband.

For the top, I used one of my shirt patterns. I’ve used it a couple of times before to make a sort of woven polo shirt. As it’s a bit roomy I decided to make the full button down version as my PJ top. Let me tell you how I got the piped cuffs on the short sleeves, it was either a stroke of genius or madness - I sewed the piping to the inside of the sleeve, with the raw edges matching. Then I pressed the seams over so that the piping was on the edge. Lastly, I pressed the hem up on the right side and stitched in the ditch of the piping to hold it in place. Of course, this has the wrong side of the fabric showing on the cuff, which is fine with this quilting cotton, but wouldn't work so well with a printed or patterned fabric. It gives a lovely clean finish though, both inside and out.

I had some bias left over so rather than turning the hem I did a bias finish. This is quite a new technique to me, and I’m really getting into it! There isn’t much bias binding in menswear… I’m going to try to redress that!

It’s been one of the hottest summers on record here in the UK and these PJ’s have been surprisingly cool to wear around the house on the hot evenings. They’ve washed and worn really well and have fast become my favourite pair. Now that I’ve worn this fabric for a while I can imagine other uses I could have for it… Summer shorts, a cool pair of ¾ length chinos, a lightweight workman jacket… oh, and I guess it’s perfect for quilting!

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Matilda Prevost-Hart said:

Andrew, I'm so confused! Do you mean KONA Cotton? The name comes from Hawaii and is trademarked by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Is it "Klona" in the UK? If so, why do they try to baffle me? :) · 11th Sep 2018 10:30pm

ACraftTeaCuppa said:

Brilliant make ... I often make things from quilting weight fabrics purely because the prints are so much more interesting and colourful :D · 23rd Aug 2018 02:49pm