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Knit Cardigan

Hello, it is Lori from Girls in the Garden and I am back on Minerva with one of their fabulous knits. I was so excited to get this Jersey Fabric and to create a new garment. 

I tend to be a separate type of garment person, sewing garments that can mix together or go with jeans. This garment is no exception but there is one thing about it that is different. I sew for the season, sewing say summer garments until there is no summer left! Then I start on the next season but with this fabulous knit cardigan, I broke that rule and went for my first fall garment in July! It was a good rule to break, I will be ready for fall with this perfect red cardigan. 

The main reason I wanted a red cardigan is currently I have no red cardigan in my closet and there was a need for one. When I opened my Minerva Craft package and felt this knit, I knew it was perfect to be a cardigan.  The knit has the perfect weight for a cardigan and a nice hand. The fabric has a bit of weight yet great drape, this is the perfect combination for McCall’s 6996, particularly view A with the fun back.

Another thing I liked about this fabric, it has just a bit of a design and that makes the cardigan a bit more interesting.

I took some extra care in cutting out the fabric, making sure the design was lined up on each piece. The fabric sews and presses beautifully. Sewing knits is one of my favorite fabrics to sew…. They are comfy and quick to sew. Also, the fabric went through the wash beautifully, another plus for knit fabric! I did most of the seams on my serger, with just a few on the sewing machine. Mainly the collar, needed to be sewn on the machine.  

My only change to the pattern was due to the fact, I wanted to change the collar a bit and add some buttons to the front.  

This change was a good addition to the cardigan and helped with the drape of the front. The fabric is printed on and turning in the collar and adding the buttons, helped keep the front in place. I did hand stitch the collar down to the inside.

When you are short on time, use this cardigan pattern, you will have an amazing garment in no time. This pattern has two views and two choices of length, making this McCall’s pattern very versatile for your creativity.

As I mentioned, I really liked the print of this knit and it works wonderfully with print mixing. I took photos with my RTW polka dot shirt and then some detail photos with a buffalo check top. This cardigan will work great with jeans or pants but will layer nicely with a dress.   

I have made this McCall’s cardigan pattern several times and it never disappoints. This version is even better than some of my other ones, the fabric just makes it perfect!

Thanks for reading,

Lori @ Girls In The Garden

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