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Knotted Long Sleeve Dress

Hello, Minerva makers! It's Meg here. I am glad to be back and able to share my beautiful make again.

Vicki at Minerva gave me a great knit special and this beautiful foil Jersey Fabric caught my eyes. I knew that I had to jump on then.

There are two color ways for this jersey, one is blue that I got and the other is green.

It was beautiful both right and wrong side. To me, it was too beautiful not to show that I thought about choosing patterns that shows the wrong side.

This is medium weight, very stable and was a dream to sew. It felt like to me that I was sewing double knit or scuba knit. It irons well too. I used low heat with clapper. This method created beautiful crease, yet easily erases back if you iron over it.

Now, let's talk about the pattern. This dress pattern, Knotted Long Sleeve Dress by Burda Style was in my queue to be made for a while. Bow/knot dress was one of my wish lists to sew. Dropped shoulder suite my body shape. I think this is great for color blocking, like matching neckband and sleeves. I was a bit concerned that if I can figure out how to put them together, but I found reviews and tutorials to help me. It wasn't as bad as I thought at all. Isn't it funny that unknown scares us sometimes?! it's just fabric!

I used to make practice run even for knit pattern when I try a new pattern because I didn't want to mess up good fabric, but I figured how to get around it after sewing years. I think good measuring yourself and pattern, giving enough ease when cutting fabric, sew with basting stitch when if you are sewing the area that you are not sure how well it fits are the tricks!

Anyway, back to the pattern, I think this runs big. My sizing with Burda is 36B-W38-H36, but I cut all 36. I measured the pattern before I cut and found that there is plenty of ease even this less stretch fabric and I am glad I made this decision.


I was not planning to use anything to stabilize shoulders since this is drop shoulder, but I did end up using twill tape because I felt weight when I made knots.

For serger, I used three thread with one needle setting, wooly nylon on upper looper. 

I have started using this setting this year and I am really liking it. If you haven't already, you should definitely try it!

I used coverstich for hem.

Right bottom of the top where front and left knot meet was three layers and bulky, so I trimmed two of them.

Please see the picture below.

Now, skirt was head scratcher. I had to walk away to refresh my mind, but I got it!!

This turned out the way I was hoping. I think this dress is great for holiday season. I can't wait weather start to cool, so I can wear this dress. I love this dress so much that I have already cut another one!

Please share a picture of your creation if you make something with this fabric. I always enjoy seeing someone else's makes with the same fabric.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Until next time..

Meg @meggisews

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