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Lady McElroy Flora Songbirds Review by Sophie

Hi everyone, I’m back with another product review. This time it’s the beautiful Lady McElroy Fabrics brand. I haven’t heard of the brand before, but I was quickly taken aback when I saw what amazing printed fabrics they have. Everything is so gorgeous I didn’t know where to start. After looking through every fabric from their brand, I narrowed my choices down to a top 5. Then I asked my husband for his opinion on which one I should get. He chose the Floral Songbirds Fabric in cotton poplin. His reason was simply that I don’t have a lot in those colours, which is true.
For me, it looks like it has some kind of Asian vibe to it, because of the flowers. Is it lotus flowers on tree branches? The background colour of the fabric is a light teal colour, and the birds are shown only in pairs throughout the fabric, romantic and sweet. The birds are somewhat camouflaged. The breasts of the birds are the same colours as the flowers which is well thought out because you get a surprise when you see birds on the branches as well as the flowers. In summary, I love this fabric, it’s beautiful.
All cotton poplin from Lady McElroy has a width between 140 cm to 145 cm (or 56 inches to 58 inches, if you use the imperial system). You can make a lot from that kind of width. The fabric is soft and made out of 100% cotton. It says that the fabric doesn’t have any stretch, but it does have a bit of ease. It is perfect for a dress, but you could also use it to make shirts, skirts, tops, and blouses, maybe even some trousers.
With this fabric I’ve chosen to make a tried and true pattern combination of mine. I didn’t want to make anything new, in fear of it not fitting or that I don’t like the shape. The fabric was too beautiful to be tested on something new and uncertain. The TNT pattern I went for was the Elisalex bodice with an elbow length sleeves, and the Flora skirt with the straight hem. Both these two patterns is from By Hand London. I’ve made this dress before using a cupro which you can read about here. The only thing I needed beside the fabric to make this dress was a 55 cm (22 inch) zipper.
My favorites so far that I would love to get my hands on later is the Watercolours Cotton Poplin;
Thumbelina Swallow Cotton Lawn
Rainbow Lorikeet Polyester Georgette;
and Birds of Paradise Cotton Poplin;
These was the one on my top 5 list from earlier. I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to have a wardrobe made out of all the Lady McElroys fabric. It’s a great quality of the fabric and it’s just stunning to look at.
Have you tried any of the Lady McElroy’s fabrics? If so, which one did you choose, and what did you make? I would love to hear more from your experience with it. You can contact me from my blog or via my instagram feed @sopbac_ where I’m most active. Or leave a comment below!
Have a good one!

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