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Lady McElroy Stretch Crepe Bibi Pinafore by Rudy

I was lucky enough to get to try out the new Lady McElroy Stretch Crepe Fabric this week. My original plan was to make an Appleton dress by Cashmerette but when the fabric arrived it wasn't quite stretch enough for that, and my Tilly and the Buttons book had arrived so I was itching to make something from that!
I decided to make the Bibi pinafore from Tilly and the Buttons new book Stretch! This pattern is designed for more Ponte style fabrics so doesn't require as much stretch so is perfect for this fabric, which I thought was perfect! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered the fabric as I haven’t ever tried anything described as Samba Crepe before. I knew I had sewn with 4 way stretch before but this fabric has a bit more structure to it than I was expecting but that made it just perfect for this pattern, plus the structure hold my bum into the skirt and gives it a lovely shape! Ha ha!
This pattern has very few pieces so goes together easily, with four panels for the skirt I think it and usual but simple shape which I can see myself making another just for the skirt. I love the on-trend dungarees style of this pinafore as when I normally think pinafore I think school uniform and horrible itchy grey dresses so this shape is actually really flattering and perfect for wearing to the office for some comfortable fashionable office clothes! I find myself making so many dresses, so many different types of tea dresses too, that when it comes to wanting things for the office that I can wear long sleeves with I don’t have anything. This will be perfect for the transition into summer because once it gets warmer I can just swap it to a short sleeved top underneath and it will be perfect. I’ve styled this to be slightly high waisted which means the waistband hits the smallest part of my waist which definitely is flattering for me!
The fabric I used was a dream to sew with. It has all the benefits of sewing with woven because it doesn’t slip slide everywhere with that added bit of stretch for comfort when you are wearing it! The photos don’t do the patterns much justice either as the flowers are beautiful printed on the pattern and the fabric is perfect for the spring weather we have been having recently. It has a very vintage feel to the fabric too which for me is just perfect and I love the selection of flowers shown on the fabric.
The crepe has a slight texture to it which gives it a really luxurious feel unlike anything I’ve sewn with before. It is also slightly thicker than I expected which is great for keeping me warm whilst the weather is so changeable.
I sewed this nearly completely on my overlocker as you can see with my rainbow thread. Though you wouldn’t need to do it all on an overlocker as it won’t fray so a normal sewing machine would be perfect. I find my overlocker easier for trimming seams etc because I’m definitely a lazy seamstress!
This fabric would make a great Tilly and the Buttons Coco or a tea dress of all sorts of different patterns as it has quite a lot of structure in the fabric is would make a lovely poufy twirly skirt. I can imagine it would make a great circle skirt too as it will give that real vintage shape and feel.
Thanks for reading,
Rudy @ Roodles Runique

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