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Lemon Jersey Kids Makes

Have you ever read any of those kid books that start off with a seemingly innocent thing like giving a mouse a cookie, and then bam, you threw a huge party? I think if you give a mom some lemons….you might end up with a full Von Trapp parade, a la Derivingmommyhood style.

I started off innocently enough, thinking this lemon Jersey Fabric would make just the sweetest summery romper for my youngest….but got sidetracked and made her this super sweet dress instead. Just enough ruffles. It’s the Sommer from Made for Mermaids, which makes total sense, right? Then I threw it out there to my two oldest that they could coordinate with her if they chose since I had some more. They both, surprisingly enough, absolutely loved the lemons. And fought over it.

Being the democratic mother that I am, I avoided the arguing and made them both a coordinating look. Fine, if you allllll want to match, so be it. I figured they would be a little annoyed that they matched each other, but of course not. They were instantly in love.

For her, I used the new Tahiti dress from New Horizons Designs. It is sweet and simple but the wrap at the waist gives it a fun edge.

For him, I did not want much white near the front (he still thinks that the front of t-shirts somehow should double as napkins….) so chose to use the Swiss Army Shirt from New Horizons with sleeves and accents in lemons.

With that big black expanse across his chest, and the lack of tags in homemade clothes, I thought it wise to add some heat transfer vinyl to the front so he would not accidentally wear it backwards. He chose the design, of course (from the Silhouette store). Because kids are picky.

I was all set then. Off to take pictures! Then I look down, and see my five-year-old, tears brimming. Where were his lemons?!? Sigh, of course. All four need to match. How dare I leave one out?!? He was coaxed into picking a Streamline Tee (New Horizons Designs again), raglans are always the fastest sew, right?

Finished it up, then he was sad he had no lemon on the front like big brother, so more heat transfer vinyl. He is the most huggable little man you’ve ever met, so he gets to be my main squeeze.

All because I made the baby a dress.

Now on laundry day, I will need to collect these all together and wash at the same time, because God forbid just ONE is dirty, right? And that poor child is left out?!?! Seriously, amazed they want to match each other so much.

For accent fabric, I used plain black cotton lycra jersey as well as some yarn dyed stripe black and white jersey. A little bit of black is like an eyeliner for your clothes or something like that. There’s also hunter green in the leaves, but I really loved bringing out the black and graphic nature of the printer.

I love the weight of this jersey. Not too thin, not too thick. Plus, I haven’t even shared the best part….

IT SMELLS LIKE LEMONS. Okay, that part might not actually be true. But I swear I smelled lemons every time I was pressing it. It might be that being a mom of 4 has turned my brain to mush, but you’ll have to decide for yourself on that one.

Enjoy, get out there and sew up some sunshine for me. What happens if life hands you lemons?

Amanda @derivingmommyhood

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