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Lunchbox Tee


My daughter absolutely loves sloths and soft fabrics so, when this UV Reactive Fabric arrived there might have been some jumping and squeals at our house. I will be honest with you, I had to delay the making of this project for a couple of days because my daughter wanted to wear it to school in a non-uniform day, the problem being, it was one of the hottest summer days and this fabric is really warm.

Now, the fabric was more than approved by my daughter but, it had to be a pattern that she liked as well so, I chose one that I had made before and that I knew she would like. I used the Lunch Box Tee Pattern by Oliver + S.

This pattern is a boxy tee or sweater and in my opinion, it is a bit on the short side so, I made a couple of modifications. I started with a size 7 and added 1” to the sleeve and in order to add some more length and also a cute girly detail, I made a ruffle. The ruffle is just made with two rectangular pieces of fabric, being the width approximately 1.5 times the width of the sweater. It might be a little bit on the long side at the moment but, I (and so does she) want it to last for a little while.

The fabric used is a sweatshirt fabric and I already told you how much my daughter loved this fabric for being so soft and having sloths so, you can imagine the excitement for being also UV reactive. While inside the sloths are white but when she goes out the sloths change colour! In this photo she had just come out and the sloths were still white but it didn’t take long to change.

When the fabric reacts the to UV light the sloths get different colours and such vibrant shades. To make the neckline I used a bit of rib fabric that I had left from another project, to match some of the sloths but I believe that using the same fabric for the neckline would work equally well.

This fabric got so much love that all the scraps had to be used so, I made shorts/pants. I’ve made a couple of these before and are a great way to use fabric scraps. My girls use them all the time under the skirts and some even as summer pyjama bottoms. The pattern is the Play Pants by Made It Patterns, in size 9. Now my girl is asking if I can make her scrunchies using the little pieces… nothing goes to waste. In the photos you can see how the fabric looks in the shade and in the sun. Such fun fabric!

In conclusion, this project was a success. The fabric is very soft and 95% cotton, has sloths, the sweater is very comfy and the cherry on top of the cake is that it is UV reactive and the colours are really cute. I have a happy child and I am pretty sure she will wear it every opportunity she has.

Many thanks Minerva for the lovely fabric for this project and to you for reading.

Happy sewing,

Maria x


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