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Make a Perfect Midi Dress with Atelier Brunette Posie Fabric

Hi Minerva makers, it’s Kelsey from SEamlined Living, and I’m excited to share my most recent make for Minerva.

The Atelier Brunette Posie Fabric I used for this dress is one of my favorite designs from Atelier Brunette. The deep tones and medium floral print is a must have for this season, and was a perfect fabric to make an Orchid Midi Dress from Chalk and Notch!

Although this is the print I selected for this project, I love all of the fabric designs options Minerva has from Atelier Brunette.

This Paris based team has a variety of beautiful prints that are perfect for blouses, dresses and more.

Did you know that the original name for this fabric type was artificial silk? Over the years, the name has changed, and we now refer to this material as viscose or Rayon (if you live in the United States). This material is manufactured, making it a low-cost fabric option for those who love silky materials. Viscose fabric is easy to work with, is lightweight, flowy, and has a great drape. (Perfect for blouses and dresses!)

Details on the Dress Pattern I Used

I enjoy sewing patterns created by Gabriela at Chalk and Notch. Her pattern instructions include a lot of detail, and your finished garments end up looking extremely polished when you’re finished sewing!

The Orchid Midi Dress pattern is perfect for intermediate sewers. To make this dress, I used a sewing machine to make the initial seams but used my serger to finalize the seams. Since this fabric is a lighter weight, I wanted to make sure to serger the seams to lock in the seams. If you don’t have a serger, you can use a zig zag stitch to stitch the seams.

While sewing this dress, I didn’t make any alterations to the pattern. The midi a perfect length is the perfect length for cooler spring days here in Ohio!

I absolutely love how this dress turned out, and I will be wearing it on repeat during the upcoming months!

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey @seamlinedliving

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