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Mama / Mini Easter Outfits in Lisa Comfort Crepe

As soon as I got my hands on this Fabric, I knew it was absolutely meant to be gathered! It has a fun, bouncy quality to it and I knew the best way to show it off would be gathered into ruffles and peplums. I was in the very early planning stages of some matchy Easter outfits and had been hoping that this fabric might be a contender. I’d actually fallen in love with this fabric by Lisa Comfort the first time I saw it and could never decide whether the burgundy or black colorway was my favorite. I loved the bold colors and the somewhat unexpected color pairings in these two versions. However, neither of these were traditionally baby-friendly color schemes and I ended up deciding to try out the “silver” colorway - just in case a matchy set was in the cards. Once it arrived, it was clear that this fabric would be our matching Easter outfits - but I still wasn’t sure what to make!

I started browsing patterns, both those I owned and some I didn’t, looking for inspiration. Simple Life Pattern Co. has some of the sweetest little girl dresses I’ve come across but I just hadn’t had occasion to use one yet! What better day for a pretty little dress than Easter? I searched pattern options for days and finally decided on the Baby Patricia. The dress has so many options - multiple sleeve lengths, a bell sleeve option, a dramatic high-low skirt and a knit bodice option on top of all of that! It has a sweet little pleat detail on the sleeve and is a fairly quick sew, as it has no fiddly closures. This worried me a bit at first because my girl has a big noggin, so before I got too far into the construction of the pattern, I put together the bodice to try on over her head. It worked and her dress was finished by the next night! I went with the short sleeves and dramatic high-low hem with a ruffle. I thought the fabric would shine really nicely with a complementary fabric of some sort and I loved how this pink gingham really played up the colors in the crepe fabric! All sewn up, it was even better than I’d imagined.

Although my go-to plan for Easter is typically a bright, springy dress, that wasn’t a practical option for me this year thanks to my need for quick and easy nursing access. Instead, I opted for something cute and very versatile - a Summer Day Top! I chose the short sleeve peplum top version and I think it is such a great addition to my wardrobe.

Separates are such a necessity as a nursing mama but I’ve always preferred to sew (and wear) dresses. It has been a little bit hard to find a balance between dressing in a way that makes sense for my normal daily activities but also in a way that makes me still feel like me - especially for nicer occasions, like this. Tops like this are the perfect option - I still feel pretty and prissy but I can easily feed my tiny milk monster at any time. This top gets even more bonus points, thanks to the ability to toe the line between casual and a little bit more dressy.

I’ve never worked with polyester crepe before and I was pleasantly surprised with this fabric. It was flowy and drapey, with some bounce to it, which I loved. It was also perfectly opaque, which is not always the case for a lightweight, drapey fabric! It gathered up easily for both the dress ruffle and peplum top. My only negative is that it doesn’t hold a press well, so hemming was a bear. I tried to do a narrow hem but it was just too slippery, so I ended up trying my rolled hem foot for the first time out of desperation. I loved the end result - I still need a little more practice with it but the overall effect was great on both my top and the skirt of her dress!

Since then, I've reached for this top regularly. The Summer Day Top has become somewhat of a staple in my wardrobe this year and this version is just so pretty! The colors are perfect with blue or black jeans and the length is great with shorts or full length pants. My first version of the Summer Day Top was a tunic length, which is so fun but hard to pair with shorts in the summer (unless I like to make you question whether or not there are pants underneath!) - this more standard top length makes that dilemma less of an issue!

This fabric worked out so perfectly for the vision I had in mind for our first Easter outfits! I'm tempted to reconsider the other colorways for another matchy set come Autumn - they're all just so good! I can see the burgundy version making a super sassy jumpsuit!

XX Elizabeth


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