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Mandy Boat Tee in THAT Faces Fabric

While participating in Me Made May this year, I made a decision to try to work my big, old t-shirts out of my regular wardrobe rotation. I work odd hours - 7pm to 7am twice a week, and 5am to 2pm twice a week. I wear scrubs to work, and I realized over the course of Me Made May that when I’m not forced to take a moment considering what to wear, there are a lot of days that I’m simply trading some ill fitting tees or pajamas for scrubs, and vice versa, in a really lovely cycle of frumpiness.

Although I am certainly not someone to strive for full hair and makeup when relaxing, I do often wish that I looked just a little more put together when spending time at home. As I reflected on this, I realized that essentially, what I want is to be in almost-pajamas that I won’t be embarrassed to answer the door in. Cue the Mandy Boat Tee. One thing I do NOT like about standard tees is a crew neck. I feel much better about the way a boat neck or a v-neck looks on me, so the Mandy Boat Tee has always been on my radar for that reason. When I had the chance to work with this amazing fabric, I knew that it was definitely time to check it out!

We’ve all seen this gorgeous Lady McElroy design floating around on multiple substrates - I think the first one I encountered was the Cotton Lawn, which is lovely but I had a hard time trying to think what I might make with it! A Kalle Shirt came to mind, but it wasn’t necessarily going to fill a hole in my wardrobe so I decided to keep thinking on it. When I found that it had been released in this beautiful Crepe Jersey, I finally knew what to make. The design of the fabric is busy, and I wanted a simple silhouette that would really serve to show it off. The Mandy Boat Tee was the absolute perfect pattern.

This fabric is so light and breathable, but the texture of the crepe jersey gives it a little bit of weight that offers a beautiful drape. It sewed up like a dream, and wears even more wonderfully. By the time I was able to get photos of this top, I’d worn it no less than 5 times, and washed it 3 or so. It is standing up so well to the regular wear and tear of being a wardrobe favorite!!

This outfit has truly become my summer uniform. I reach for it everyday and feel so sad when it is in the wash! I love the way this Mandy Boat Tee looks with a bit of a front tuck. Despite normally gravitating towards lots of bright colors, the simplicity of this tee really lends so well to the monochromatic color palette - black shorts or black jeans are my favorite pairing, depending on the weather.

I feel sleek and put together in this outfit, even if I have just rolled out of bed. The Mandy Boat Tee has been a great turning point in helping me to see that I can, in fact, be perfectly comfy and always ready to take advantage of any small opportunity for sleep that may come across my path, without looking like garbage! :) Thank goodness for that! 

So what other fabric do I need to make a Mandy Boat Tee out of?? And what else would you make out of this glorious fabric? I’m always open to suggestions!!

Top: handmade by me

Fabric: Minerva - Lady McElroy Crepe Jersey Fabric White

Pattern: Tessuti Fabrics - Mandy Boat Tee

XX Elizabeth 

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