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Matchy Matchy Christmas Outfits!

Hello! I am so excited to share my first Minerva Crafts project today. In anticipation of the coming Christmas holidays, I could think of nothing more perfect to make than a matchy matchy outfit with my newborn. Though I originally intended to make garments that would match for our whole family - the baby, my husband, and myself - I decided to focus on sewing for my daughter and husband. I may still make myself something to match this ensemble in the future, but I wanted to take advantage of daddy's willingness to match baby. Who knows how long that will last!!

My goal for these pieces was to make something festive enough to be worn in our family Christmas photos, but not so Christmassy that it couldn't be worn past the holiday season. I decided that this bottle green Loopback Sweatshirt Fabric was just the thing. A lovely Christmas color in the holiday season, which would look nice on all of our varying skin tones, and will easily transition to everyday wear through the rest of the year!

For my husband, I chose a tried and true pattern, the Strathcona Henley by Thread Theory Patterns. I love this pattern, and knew that making it in the green sweatshirt fabric would be a great addition to his wardrobe. To dress it up, I used a few wooden buttons from my button jar. I love the natural, rustic look they add to any piece, and I thought they went especially well with this green! I've made this pattern for my husband before, and I find it runs true to the size measurements recommended. The only modification I've made to the pattern is to omit the hem band for a curved hem, which is simply folded under with Heat n' Bond and finished with a twin needle.

For baby girl, I went with the Brindille & Twig Bodysuit Dress. Outfits with snaps are necessary, and I figured the skirt added the perfect feminine touch! I trimmed it with a dusty pink rib knit fabric I had leftover from one of my own previous projects. I love the combination of pink and green, and I thought this was a lovely combination to amp up the girliness of the dress! I sewed the dress up in a size 0-3 months. At the time of our Christmas family photos, our little one was about 4 weeks old, and this dress absolutely swallowed her - hence the need for flat lay photos!

In the past, I have only sewn Brindille & Twig patterns as gifts for friends’ babies, so I was not familiar with how their sizing runs. Since making this dress, I've done a bit of research, and learned that it seems their patterns run notoriously large! This didn't pair so well for my small little girl! Lesson learned - I will likely size down with her Brindille & Twig makes from here on out. On the bright side, because I chose not to make something strictly Christmassy, this dress will still get plenty of wear once it fits a bit better!

This fabric was great to work with. I constructed many of the main seams on my serger, partially to ensure the integrity of the garments, and partially because it is so quick - sewing time with a newborn it's a very precious commodity. It is not easy to come by, so beyond able to use serged seams on know garments is a blessing! I sewed these up in boots and pieces, typically in 15-20 minutes intervals. The most difficult parts were the henley placket on the Strathcona (which may have turned out a bit tipsy), and the gathered skirt on the bodysuit dress. Though this is for a tiny little girl, there's a surprising amount of fabric in the width of that skirt!

The fabric is lovely and thick, perfect for cooler temperatures. It is a mid- to heavy-weight knit, and has a medium amount of one way stretch. It worked quite well for these garments, but I wouldn't use it for anything requiring too much stretch, like a more fitted top or sweatshirt dress. A bit of ease in the garment is best!

The fabric has held up nicely after a prewashing and one spin through the laundry cycle since being sewn up. The color has held well, and I've not noticed any fading or pilling. On the first wear, my husband felt that the fabric was itchy against his skin. Despite the outer of the fabric being a soft and cuddly sweatshirt knit, the loops on the wrong side of the fabric are a bit stiff. My husband's skin is more sensitive than mine, so this did not bother me when I borrowed his shirt to wear around the house earlier this week, but I can imagine how someone may be a bit bothered by the loopback fabric on first wear. It seems to be softening with each wash, so I don't anticipate this will be a concern for too long! The little one did not seem to mind the fabric of her dress, as far as I could tell!

So there we have it - my family is ready for Christmas and beyond, in their cute daddy daughter outfits! I'm so happy with the way these turned out, and I look forward to seeing them wear these together again soon, once little one has fully grown into her outfit!!

XX Elizabeth @pinsandpinot

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