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Maxi-mised wear - La Jupe Bohème

It was the end of summer and I was thinking of making something long with frills that would cope with the transition to Autumn without looking out of place. 

The versatility of this design - La Jupe Bohème by Vanessa Pouzet – has some brilliant pattern features for this reason: I can wear the finished maxi-skirt to the park, parties, dropping the kids off, restaurants or the office – pretty much anywhere. It’s even great for loafing around the house, without the risk of tripping-up the stairs as it has the scooped hem at the front. You can create a dreamy, floaty Boho style skirt using a drapey fabric or a mid-weight fabric can create a bit more drama with a more structured look.

I made both. The one here is my second one. 

First, I made a toile using a bargain thrifted poly-cotton duvet (this is on my Instagram grid). But when I saw the vibrant colours and the eye-catching bull faces print of this Fabric by Stof, so dramatically named “Massacre”, I knew immediately wanted to create some flounce with it. 

Stof’s “Massacre’ is a lovely 100% cotton fabric. It’s soft, such a joy to sew, washes well and is colour resilient.

The pattern is only available in French and my GCSE French isn’t what it used to be -  I can still ask directions to the swimming pool and buy a baguette, but deciphering a sewing pattern was a bit beyond my abilities. So I enlisted the help of Google Translate, which is mostly good. Mostly…

But you’ll have to decide for yourself what is directional and what is a literal translation. For example, if I’d done what it said and sewn a “steering wheel” onto the main skirt, the photos would probably look quite different! Saying that – I found the diagrams gave good guidance. It’s a quick easy pattern to sew and ideal for beginners. 

Be warned, there is a bit of hemming involved with the frills. I used a rolled hem foot as I like the finish. 

Frills are an essential part of the flamenco skirt – and not that this is exactly that, but it was most certainly an inspiration I found with La Jupe Bohème. It’s a flowing maxi-skirt that works well with heels, boots or flats. This pattern is ideal if you are short like me (5ft 2) as it’s so easy to adjust the length. I had great fun trying it out with different shoe combos and feeling that at no point would I look like a lampshade. It also packs maximum flounce when you walk in the skirt. So I am loving the pattern-fabric combo.

You’ll see me wearing this skirt for date nights in the Autumn, swanning around the house or kicking piles of fallen leaves on the school run before I meet friends for brunch - what I'd call Maxi-mised wear. 

Thanks for reading,

Lisa @made_under_the_starry_sky

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