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McCalls 6963 Lace & Knit Top

There's nothing better than super soft and shiny fabrics right?! So when I saw this beautiful deep red wine Knit Fabric I knew I had to have it. Besides coming in my favourite colour, this fabric has a dramatic drape, is quite heavy quality and does not fringe. It even has two usable sides, so when you feel a little less glossy today, you can always use the back! I think this fabric would also be very suitable for a dress for the holidays, dancewear, thin drapery cardigan, or leggings.

Such a fabric deserved a pattern that would highlight it's beauty. That's when I thought about using this pattern by McCall's: M6963. It is a super easy top with a higher or lower cowl neck and four sleeve length options. I used this pattern once before on a wearable muslin so knew it would fit me. I again wanted to make the short sleeved version, but was searching for something to make it stand out.

That´s when I dived into my fabric and scraps stash. There I found this perfectly matching lace, under a thick layer of dust! I have no clue where or when I got this, but I had to use it on my top. So instead of using the knit on the sleeves, I cut them out of the lace, using the scalloped edge on the hem. Because the lace barely stretches, I did add an extra 1,5 cm at the seam allowances. The pattern namely accounts for stretchy fabrics, and otherwise it would become too tight and uncomfortable. For the lace peeking out at the neckline, I just cut another strip of lace. Using a mannequin and a lot of inside out fitting I determined the length it should be. Then I secured the strip inside the side seams and armhole. If you'd also like to use lace: any lace with a nice scalloped edge would do! If you can only find lace without a nice edge, you can also cut it yourself by trimming around the flowers.

All in all, it was a breeze to sew this T-shirt together. I first stitched the seams and mainly used my serger to finish the seams. Except for the arm holes: there I used a narrow cut seam finished with a zigzag stitch, because I did not want the black serger thread showing through the lace. On some knits zigzagging or just stitching can sometimes be hard, because the machine pulls in the fabric. But this fabric was firm enough to prevent that, so nice!

One more feature I added on the shoulder seams and back neck hem is some seam tap. This is something always recommended when sewing with knit fabrics. The tape prevents the seams from stretching out by wearing, so adding it will enhance the durability of your garment. You can get special seam tape but also use a strip of woven fabric or cotton bias binding.

I really love my T-shirt and I think I'm gonna wear it a lot. It is also very suitable for layering when the weather turns colder, since it has a nice, interesting neckline and the colour is solid. So I think this will be a key piece in my fall/winter wardrobe!


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