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McCall's 7933 Snakeskin Skirt

You know how some projects are just magic? The right fabric, the right pattern - and the result is even better than you imagined? That is what creating this M7933 skirt was like for me. 
I was so excited when Minerva asked me to join their blogging network. They sent me a list of dozens of fabrics to choose from - and after a few days of hemming and hawing, I went for a textured jersey Knit Fabric in a denim blue snakeskin pattern. This project seemed like the perfect opportunity to sew some #sewfrosting. 
When the fabric arrived, it was even better than I’d imagined. I think I might have been expecting the snakeskin pattern to be printed on the fabric? Silly in hindsight as the product description clearly says textured - but I guess that is what I’ve come to expect from printed knits. Luckily for me the snakeskin pattern was integrated directly into the construction of the weave, resulting in a beautifully textured and high-quality fabric that doesn’t lose any color when it’s stretched. 
The weight of the fabric is also denser than what you often find with jerseys, making it perfect for a full dress or skirt. This is the first maxi-length knit skirt I’ve ever owned, because so often RTW jersey skirts or dresses are made from such a lightweight material that you feel like you need industrial-strength pantyhose to wear with them. Not so with this fabric! The moderate stretch hugs beautifully without revealing the entire landscape of your body.
Anyhow, the denim blue snakeskin appealed to me because I have a not-so-secret affinity for the americana aesthetic, and I am loving the prairie-chic moment happening in fashion right now. I wanted to create something feminine and romantic, with a hint of vintage inspiration, all while embracing the desert vibes I love so much. This put me on the path of a long and high waisted skirt, preferably with some seamlines to break up the pattern a bit.
Cue McCall’s M7933 pattern - something I probably wouldn’t have picked left to my own devices, but nonetheless met all the criteria I was looking for. I opted to sew the pattern in View B and in a straight size 12 (based on my measurements and as recommended by the envelope), but beware there is over 5 inches of ease! For a knit garment, y’all. 
Luckily it was not hard to take the waist in as I sewed the skirt. I used pins to “draw” my new seamlines once I tried it on, and then shaved 5 inches off the waistband piece to match before attaching it to the skirt. An easy fix but something to keep in mind if you plan on using this pattern. Otherwise, the construction of this is simple and straightforward, and I had the garment completed in just a few evenings.
One of the lovely things I realized about this particular fabric design as I was sewing with it, is that the snakeskin print functions similarly to a vertical stripe print. The lines of the design run parallel to the grainline - which means that they will contour to your body in a very flattering way. But even better! The organic nature of the snakeskin means that you really don’t need to be fussy about pattern matching (the way you might if you were working with straight stripes). It pretty much looks great no matter how it comes together?
This project was a real joy to sew, and a reminder for me personally to have more fun with my own sewing practice. Try the crazy fabric! Sew the dramatic pattern! Life is short and we have to find our joy where we can.
I hope you enjoyed reading, and thank you Minerva!
Miranda @stitchinginspace

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Lindy57 said:

What a great result and thanks for your clear, informative and friendly description. I love the fabric and pattern. It went straight in my basket! · 28th Sep 2019 11:06am