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Mccall's M7929 in Polka dots

Hello again! It’s Victoria with @victorialucilleanne back with another make for Minerva! This time I am using this super nice quality Cotton Poplin Fabric! It is my favorite kind of print (probably second to leopard!), polka dots!!! 
This is the 3mm Spot Print Cotton Poplin Fabric, green on ivory! I love the feel of this cotton poplin so much. It's not too thick and has a nice structure to it. Almost feels like a cotton lawn. There were several colors to choose from as well! It sews up beautifully and was perfect for this top!
I decided to go with the Mccalls M7929 pattern. There are several options for this top. I wanted to make the long view (view D) because I wanted to tuck it in. However, I am not sure I love how many buttons are down the back. Because it is hard to tuck in buttons if the pants are tight. So I may consider the short one next time! Although, I do love how amazing the buttons look! These buttons are from Whim Whambuttons!
This pattern was more involved than I had planned! I didn’t realize I would need seam binding and I did not have this! I ended up using a small piece of ribbon! Next time, I will be ready with some and have it when needed. 
I also didn’t realize that there would be so much sewing with bias binding. However, I love the method of using bias binding with the elastic to create the sleeve detail. It is such a gorgeous part of the pattern. Now that I have learned this technique, I have already applied it to other patterns to make the sleeves more interesting! I loved the way the sleeve was gathered with two pieces of elastic, one on top of another on the outside of the sleeve only (not all the way around). This is such a cute way to gather the sleeve. 
The pattern does use a lining for the entire garment except for the sleeves. This makes me wonder what else I can use to make this garment! I think it would be wonderful in a chiffon! The lining would take care of the part that you want to cover and the sleeves would be sheer! Sewing the lining does involve quite a large amount of hand sewing. I have to say that I cheated a little at the hem and I just sewed the hem and the lining together one time avoiding all of the extra steps. It has held up well and looks fabulous! I folded both of them up the required amount and did the hand sewing. I also followed all directions for hand stitching after that! 
A quick note about bra choice! I could NOT wear a regular bra with this shirt! apparently. I also did not have a strapless bra anymore. When we were cleaning out the house, I think I got rid of my old one! I went out and bought one today and it looks fabulous with my shirt! The sleeves go out very wide with the way that the shirt is made. My bra straps come in closer, so they were showing. I couldn’t go without a bra because then there was a lot of structure in the top with nothing underneath it! I need the bra to help fill the space! HA! 
This top is not a quick make but turned out so well! It made me feel as though I had something that was beautifully handmade! I feel very proud to wear it! I also feel it was the perfect fabric choice for the summer. It is a nice and breezy cotton that is breathable and comfortable. 
Thanks for reading,
Victoria @victorialucilleanne

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